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  • Google is being sued after bad map directions led a man to his death

    I agree that local officials are to be held liable, specially since the bridge in question had collapsed years prior. The lack of sufficient warning signs falls on squarely on the shoulders of local highway management. My impression is that this lawsuit took a shotgun approach hitting anyone or anything remotely related.

    I use Google maps, Apple maps, Waze, and a Garmin while my wife prefers paper maps when we’re traveling. The benefit of using these apps is that they tend to get updated far more frequently than paper maps. Some do offer helpful realtime updates to road conditions.

    Recently while driving in my community, I turned onto a street that according to my Garmin (which is always updated to the latest version) showed the street I turned onto wasn’t a thru street. In fact my wife, as I turned onto the street remarked, “This isn’t a thru street”. Apple Maps (via my iPhone) showed it was a thru street. It was. 

    The street in question had recently (within 6 months) been extended which I knew because I'm a local. I’ll bet the city map one can get from the local Chamber office doesn’t reflect the change yet - but probably will in future printings. Perhaps Garmin will be updated at some point as well.

    My point is, and what dewme and others are saying, is that these apps are not always accurate. They have no direct control and responsibility for keeping up to date. I always take directions given from these apps and devices with a grain of salt. But I also rely heavily upon state and local officials to keep drivers apprised of changing road conditions - something that clearly didn’t happen in this instance.

  • 24-hour Apple Watch challenge: Can it replace the iPhone?

    No camera. People addicted to selfies for example (myself excluded thank you but what about that food shot at a restaurant?...). Or using an app like iNaturalist to photograph plants, insects, etc. for IDing. I use my iPhone to digiscope wildlife and therefore always have to have my iPhone handy - cannot do that with a watch. Plus the added expense of a data plan to include a watch to duplicate most everything I already do with my iPhone? Oh, and my iPhone can actually tell me the time... 
  • Apple officially ditches headphone jack for Lightning, will include adapter in iPhone 7 box

    Hopefully by the time we upgrade, some third party will come up with an adaptor that will allow connecting both a wired connection AND charging simultaneously. Due to our mobile lifestyle (full time RVers) my wife and I spend a great deal of time on the road listening to Audible books using a Jambox or the truck stereo wired to our iPhone. While using my bluetooth enabled hearing aids would be great (I could still leave the iPhone charging) but that would shut my wife out of being able to listen plus it would drain my hearing aid batteries more quickly.