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  • Apple's iOS 10 now on 3 out of 4 compatible devices

    Eric_WVGG said:
    I know this is going to be an unpopular comment, but I regret installing iOS 10 on my iPhone 6. I've been an extremely satisfied iPhone user since 2008, to the point where friends sometimes tease me about it, but for the first time in almost 9 years I now have to be very careful to not kill the battery before the end of the day. Until iOS 10, I typically ended the day above 80%, so the change is pretty drastic, and sometimes the phone just dies with no warning. I was recently on my way to a party far from home in the early evening, and I pulled out my phone to check the address and it died before I could pull up the details, so I had to wander around and hope I recognized the building from memories of a previous party in the same place a few years ago. I really hope they do something to solve this problem in an update soon.
    Have you used Coconut Battery to check out the battery health on the device? At 2.25 years, it wouldn't really be surprising to see it start behaving poorly around now. A new battery will cost around $120 after install and get you two more years of mileage out of it.
    A new battery should not cost anywhere near that amount (a typical battery of that capacity should be about $40). I also regret installing iOS 10 on my iPhone 6, because it slowed down significantly afterwards (due to the 1GB of RAM). The iPad Air 2 (which has the same A8 processor but 2GBs of RAM) is much faster,

    And yet, people will argue that Software and Hardware designed together don't need more memory. Maybe not on the day of release, but 1 or 2 OS'es lateer and you're going to notice. I won't upgrade to iOS 11 even if my device is compatible because the experience will be awful. A bit like the iPad 2 and iOS 8 or 9.
  • Players complain about high data use from persistent internet in 'Super Mario Run'

    Don't buy the game then.  I plopped down $10 bucks and love it.  This is 10X better than 99.9% of games on the App Store anyway.  With that said yes there are some aspects that need to be addressed.  I would expect to be able to play on any device including AppleTV.  This is not Mario?  It is designed for on the go gaming.  They did a great job to achieve this through the simple mechanic.  If you want "real Mario" then play it on a console.  It is that simple.
    A steaming turd in a plastic bag is better than 99.9% of games on the App store... but this isn't better than the very best games on the store and the restrictions are needlessly intrusive. There is very little pirating on iOS compared with other platforms, and it's hard to know exactly what kind of thinking or agreement lead to this current state of affairs. 

    Also bear in mind iOS users who buy this game will get the worst experience... because a week after this appears on Android, there will be a hacked version that a) doesn't require data and b) unlocks everything for free. As usual, people conforming to the rules are penalized.
  • What you need to know about Apple Watch Series 2 before preorders begin on Friday, Sept. 9

    "What you need to know about the Apple Watch Series 2"

    Battery life? Seriously, what is the battery life. If I charge it overnight, and go for a 90 mins run in the morning using GPS, will it still last all day? GPS is very expensive battery wise (my Garmin 225 gets about 10 hours with GPS running, or about 3 weeks if you don't use GPS). Given the Apple Watch lasts barely 24 hours just with normal use, a 1 - 2 hour workout in the morning is going to affect things. Let's say you go to Yosemite and do one of those 4-hour hikes (like they demo'ed) using GPS?

    Sorry to be a negative nanny, but no one has mentioned battery life at all, and it's one of the most important things in a sports watch,
  • Bluetooth streaming problems introduced in Apple's iOS 9.2 remain, have wide ramifications

    Wow, a genuine critique of something Apple is doing on AppleInsider. This is newsworthy in of itself, finally writing about something users find incredibly frustrating rather than the usual pandering to every whim.

    I agree with the comments you made, this is a good piece and I'd like to see more like it. Apple may actually be a better company with some accountability for their actions.
  • Apple and the Bot War on Apps

    I prefer to use mobile Safari for many things these days, like Facebook, LinkedIn or whatever. The biggest reason is that you can block ads now, whereas in Apps you cannot. Facebook App sucks your battery dry and is always doing something, even when you don't want it to (and even when you disable background refresh). There are still great apps, there are good games for example and good productivity software, but I probably download an app every 2 or 3 months or so at most. Back in 2009, I was downloading them daily!
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