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  • 2018 i9 15-inch MacBook Pro review: Three years later, post Apple Silicon

    I had the 2016, 2017, and 2018 all of which had issues of their own. On the 2016 15in I couldn't reliably pull off 4K @ 60Hz and of course keyboard space bar and dongles. On the 2017 it was pretty good performance and 4K external. When the keyboard started failing I went back to my 2015 and sent the 2017 in for keyboard repair. I kept using the 2015 when mine came back and then kept the 2017 around for my 4K video player needs but was afraid to put too much use into it. Yes I bought the 2018 also and it has worked fine. No thermal issues and a bit better graphics than the 2017 but the ongoing spat with Nvidia that apparently will never be put to rest hurts us all.  I know not to use the keyboard to heavily and I never eat around it. I am desperate for a 16in with a real HDMI port and I would give anything not to need a dock, dongles, and adapters to USB 3.0. All the M1 13in I have used so far have been fantastic but everyone I helped needed adapters for their drives, keyboards, and video. I tried the 13in M1 on the same 4096x4096 I play on the 2018 and it doesn't work as well so I am holding out for a better graphics core on M1x, M2 or whatever they will call it.
  • M1 MacBook owners complain about easily cracked screens

    I personally wouldn't care in my notebook was 18mm thick vs 12mm thick if I could just have a little more support around the display and no wear on the screen from the unnecessarily tight tolerances. I don't know why they do this. From the front using a machine it only appears 1mm thick on the display so who cares. If weight is an issue you can leave 2 ink pens out of your bag to compensate or better yet one of my 4 DONGLES.
  • Apple diagnostics software blocks third-party repairs of 2018 MacBook Pro and iMac Pro

    For all of you kicking the non authorized service guys for not going legit, being a authorized service provider I specifically remember my rep. referring to an EXISTING authorized service provider wanting to open another service center. The service reps exact words were referring to WIlly Wonka, "why should we give him the golden ticket for another service location". And this was an existing authorized owner in the top 10% of the nation.  I think theres more to it than just wanting it. You must have an "in" at the top. The Apple promoters here just shouting in favor of Apple need to admit they are plants or get educated.

  • Apple's 'Horizon Machine' iPhone calibration device coming to third-party repair shops

    This article should read "Authorized Service Providers" and not "Third Party Repair Shops"
  • Comparison: Which Apple MacBook is right for you?

    After waiting for the new models, I felt the best bet was backwards to a high end 2015 15in. First you can still get a bigger SSD if I run out on the 500 (thanks OWC). Second if I have an out of warranty repair I wont have to have the top case, touch bar, battery, trackpad, logic board with ssd, and ram all replaced for bad ram. I wont have to have the logic board, ram, ssd, touch bar, battery, all replaced for broken keyboard membrane or depleted battery. I wont have to have the logic board, ram, top case, touch bar, all replaced for bad storage. So much salvage of working parts for simple repairs bothers me. I dont care about 10mm, 12mm, 17mm etc. I only use it from the top. And for the $1300 I paid for a old stock 2015 with 16/500/AMD I feel I get more value for spending exactly half the base price model cost. And its already built and in the channel so I feel better about one less piece of hardware out there because of me.
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