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  • How Apple could approach a folding iPhone

    ricmac said:
    " paint a picture of Apple deeply in the throws of development."

    THROWS of development??  My best guess is that you were trying to use the word "throes."  But even there, I'm not sure that's an appropriate use of the word.  Good lord, discover the Thesaurus!
    If we’re going down this road, let’s also have a moan about “Despite Apple choosing to thus far not compete” which needs to be “Despite Apple choosing thus far not to compete”. But tbh I think we either accept the writing, offer to be editors ourselves, or just go read another site. And in any case surely it’s a dictionary they want rather than a thesaurus. :)

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  • NFTs worth $1.7M stolen via OpenSea phishing attack

    This is so poorly written that I can’t even make sense of what happened. Even the first sentence:

    On Saturday, OpenSea became aware of rumors that smart contracts connected to the non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace.
    isn’t a sentence. There’s no main verb. 

  • Microsoft to add AAC Bluetooth audio support in Windows 10 update

    Surprised there are no comments yet on this story. Given Apple were the ones who have always championed this, and given how much better AAC is than mp3, but with the potential for similar file sizes, this feels like a big story. 
  • Apple Music pays artists a penny per stream, double that of Spotify

    Regardless of the streaming service, be it Apple Music or Spotify, it's a terrible deal for the label and the artist, particularly for the classical artist, as the whole streaming market is predicated on repeat listenings... and you don't necessarily want to listen to Shostakovich's 8th string quartet 4 or 5 times a day. This is why a lot of the classical labels such as Hyperion and Gimmel don't allow their catalogue to be streamed. They get significantly more from a single CD sale than from hundreds of playings. 
  • First Alert adds Apple AirPlay 2 support to Onelink Safe & Sound smoke detector

    Surely poor sound-quality is more likely to be a result of poor speaker/enclosure design than bluetooth vs wifi? Sure, bluetooth isn't as high quality as wifi, but you're unlikely to notice a significant difference when you're looking at a speaker in a small plastic enclosure.