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  • LG bringing Apple TV app to smart TVs in 2020

    Maybe it’s the school-teacher in me, but I never understand people who post queries/complaints without actually reading the article.

    martinxyz said:
    Any chance this will be an update available for LG TVs purchased in, say, November last year...
    (I knew this would happen)

    LG did not advise exactly when the Apple TV app will be brought to its television lineup, but it will take place sometime this year. The update will not only be for new televisions, as 2018 and 2019-era LG TV models are set to gain the app as well. [my emphasis]

  • Apple spent 'billions' on revamped Maps service

    Just tested it. It’s telling me the times of the buses too. 

  • Apple spent 'billions' on revamped Maps service

    mike1 said:

    felix01 said:
    I'm still not using Apple Maps. Three questions for you folks who are. Positive answers might convince me to start giving Apple Maps a serious look:

    1. Does Apple Maps show the posted speed limits (I know temporary work areas won't be correct) along the computed route? And how about if you're just using it to track progress along roads but not a computed route? Speed limits there too?

    2. Are computed arrival times more accurate than on earlier versions? I guess what I'm asking here is whether Apple is tracking the average traffic speeds along major roads and using that dynamic info to continually recalculate arrival times.

    3. Are alternate routes provided around crashes and/or work zones (or just general traffic congestion)? Kind of like Waze does.
    1. No, I speed everywhere, so do not care.

    2. Yes. Improved all the time.

    3. I don't think it has realtime feedback at this point, but I could be wrong.

    1. Yes it does. I too generally ignore them, but they're there. Keep in mind that Maps uses speed limits or actual time (if slower than speed limits) to calculate ETA.
    2. Yes. Unless there's a fresh accident, Maps is really precise with ETAs for me. For example, when I get in the car it tells me it will take 45 minutes to get home from work, it is usually spot on. Keep in mind, I know how to get home, but that simple little alert let's me know what I'm in for.
    3. Yes. If the alternative route is faster than the normal or original, it will suggest the fastest route. It will also re-route around road closures. I am not interested in in Waze-like features like getting off highways to save a minute or two.
    I second all of this. Apple Maps has come on in leaps and bounds, and certainly in the U.K. now does all of this. In London it will also tell you for you current route how many minutes it is until the next underground train arriving on your platform etc. And CarPlay is excellent. 
  • Mac Pro spotted in DJ Calvin Harris' studio ahead of launch

    tyler82 said:
    It takes a $30,000 Mac Pro to make electronic music? Kind of a waste of hardware. This is a workstation for extremely complex video editing, bitcoin processing, and extremely complex mathematical formulas. 
    As a number of others have pointed out, you have no idea what you're talking about. Jacob Collier has most of his tracks as three separate files (orchestral studio session, personal vocal sessions, personal instrumental sessions) because his current mac can't cope with it. Even the new Mac Pro will be pushed. Just watch the first 3 minutes. 128 Gb of RAM, he's got a session loaded with "only" 358 tracks, and the first thing that happens when he presses play is the thing falls over. Audio work is very processor and RAM intensive. 

  • Apple's AirPods fail to earn Consumer Reports recommendation, beaten by Samsung's Galaxy B...

    First, it wasn’t until Apple showed the way.  Par for the course on that one.

    Second, sound quality is subjective, but okay, Samsung makes good hardware.
    Sound quality doesn’t need to be subjective, although there may be some element of that also in any review. I’m disappointed that they don’t appear to have backed up their findings with some frequency graphs. Simply talking about the bass line in “So What” is not a suitable metric.