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  • The TextBlade keyboard is superb, but you'll have to be patient

    TextBladeDenied said:..... discuss metaphorically how it is acceptable for Mozart, Beethoven, and Da Vinci to miss the deadlines on their latest masterpiece. Well, Colin came up with that ridiculously embarrassing nonsense, but you have argued a similar point many times. 

    I must say, as a professional musician (and knowing DBK to have been a musician also) I was appalled that that was allowed to stand. First, I can't promise that Beethoven or Mozart never missed a deadline. I'm sure they may have done, but certainly neither is known for it - they're known for delivering, in quite a big way. All of Mozart's significant output (600+ works including 41 symphonies and 27 piano concertos) was completed before he reached the age of 36 - he died aged 35. And Beethoven didn't even allow complete loss of hearing to stop his monumental output. As another example, JS Bach wrote an almost impossible amount of music (including for over two years a full 20-minute or so cantata for orchestra and choir every single week for the Sunday service).  The task is so impossible to conceive that Douglas Adams (who seems to have been referenced a number of times in this thread) explains in Dirk Gently's Detective Agency that Bach actually is a fictional character, and that his output is in fact the collected musical works of an entire alien civilisation downloaded to Earth and attributed to one man.

    I know we have ridiculed before the idea that Mark Knighton equates himself to Jobs or Musk, but to have his name in the same sentence as Mozart's without a significant and very large negative is laughable. Indeed, forget the same sentence - the fact they might exist in the same universe beggars belief.
  • The TextBlade keyboard is superb, but you'll have to be patient

    arkorott said:
    oh, come on guys. Don't need to get into relentless personal attacks. Let DBK be.
    He is not WT.... he does not seem to attack people. 

    I do hope the update gets published sometime so we can talk about the TB instead.
    I agree I'd love to have the update, but I don't see any hope of that.

    I also agree that DBK does get the brunt of it quite a bit, but to suggest he never attacks people is crazy. Sure they may be (in his eyes at least) in response to other unprovoked attacks, but that doesn't make them any less attacks. I'm simply not engaging with him any more, because I can't see anyone gains by it.

    How many times has he called people liars? In the last 25 posts?
  • The TextBlade keyboard is superb, but you'll have to be patient

    For me this delay is even more unforgivable than a four year delay on the textblade.
    • Unlike the textblade, this task was easily measurable - it should have been easy to estimate how long it was going to take.
    • It's also very clear from his updates that he did not even begin to think about writing this until after the original deadline of end of the month. 
    • When we finally see this update I may be proven wrong, but I suspect it is not going to be a report of several tens of thousands of words. I'm anticipating something which if you printed it out would come out as two sides of paper: quite easy for most of us (even if some research were involved) to knock out in a couple of hours at most.
    • He's missed three self-imposed deadlines now in as many days. If he can't even produce a bit of text anywhere close to a deadline, it becomes even clearer why it is that we haven't seen the keyboard yet.
  • The TextBlade keyboard is superb, but you'll have to be patient

    ... and I'll also point out that I never suggested that you refused to post. That would patently be one of the most ridiculous accusations ever.
    Fine, so let's see how this plays out. What is something "of value" that you think should be posted by me?
    No, you can see how it “plays out” without me, because we all know by now how it always does “play out”. You wrestle and worry at words that have clear meanings until all the stuffing has been shaken out of them and you’re left with a sorry-looking husk of a rag, convinced that what you hold is a trophy worthy of all the bluster while the rest of us look on in wonder at how we arrived this far off-topic. 

    Had I answered instead of Alex, I’d probably have gone for “Nothing”, simply because of the excellent quote from Lear. But Silence, from you and me, will do.

    I’m not getting drawn into your vortex of guff a third time in this thread “Dabigkahuna”. I’ve given you a brand new stuffed toy. You can play on your own. 
  • The TextBlade keyboard is superb, but you'll have to be patient

    It seems to me that this thread is getting into the endgame - DBK refuses to post anything of value, everyone else's posts have devolved into taunting him to contribute...

    Just before this whole thread self-implodes, I thought I should post my own personal experience:

    Ordered in early March 2015. My order confirmation email stated that "Your purchase has secured your priority date." Whatever that meant.

    No further communication from Waytools, at any point. I have not changed my email address for 20 years, so it definitely didn't get lost.

    After a couple of years, forgot about it so completely that this review didn't even remind me - it was only when I went onto their website to look at their publicity that my order popped up. I've moved twice since my order, so updated my address details etc this week.

    Waited for the "update before the end of the month" from Waytools, which, surprise, hasn't arrived. It's meant to be coming later on, but frankly, I don't believe it, and even when it does come the preamble MK has produced suggests it won't be anything more than the usual "amazing things have been happening, great strides are being made, and like a glacier, we have moved forwards 3 feet while simultaneously retreating by 1.5 miles".

    Cancelled this morning and received this rather amusing confirmation:

    I have no idea why I should care about all those other dates, not least because without a year to pin them down they're completely nonsensical.

    The truth is it would have been a fun toy. I don't type enough away from my computer to need it, and since its first announcement other options like the iPad smart keyboard have come along also, which while clearly being merely an evolution rather than a revolution, suit me just fine. If a textblade eventually ever appears in the wild somewhere I can actually go look at it I may go and have a play, but honestly, it's probably not worth it for me.