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  • Video: Apple HomePod vs. Sonos One

    rynoyes said:
    To be fair you should compare it to two sonos speakers because that’s how many you get for the price of one HomePod.  
    From the video and article: "HomePod undoubtedly tops a single Sonos One, but when you can get two Sonos ones for the price of a single HomePod, the combo is definitely worth it. When Sonos One gets updated to support Google Assistant and Airplay 2, it'll be the best choice for flexibility and functionality."
  • iPhone battery catches fire

    What malfunctioning product? Batteries are consumables, they always have been. Fact is, the "reputable shop" caused the battery rupture and replaced it with a crappy battery.

    Bring it back to the "reputable shop" and have them fix the problem.
  • iPhone and Apple Watch Emergency SOS feature save woman, child after collision

    mike1 said:
    adm1 said:
    Excellent use of apple watch and Siri. Surprised she hit the steering wheel though - surely an airbag would have went off in such a new car (Nissan Rogue/Qashqai) and the seatbelt would have tightened instantly (was she wearing one?). Airbags are not only for frontal impacts, I remember my old 2003 Renault Laguna deploying various airbags including the steering wheel when I was hit from the side.
    We’re missing something...  she probably wasn’t wearing her seatbelt.
    Why would you say that?
    If she was wearing her seatbelt, the airbags should have been more effective in preventing serious injuries.

    It sounds like the steering wheel airbag didn’t deploy or failed to deploy effectively.  Since the vehicle is relatively new, that suggests the later...

    Airbags are designed to work in conjunction with the seatbelt.  They’re not nearly as effective without it...

    The article should have mentioned seatbelt use, the fact that it didn’t suggests it was written with a motivation.  I.e.  hey look at this smart lady who owns an Apple Watch.  Rather than, hey look at this idiot who didn’t wear her seatbelt, suffered a bunch of unnecessary injuries, but at least the watch came in handy.
    We have no data regarding seatbelt use or airbag deployment one way or another, despite trying to find out. 

    So, we didn't talk about it. The facts at hand are: she got rear-ended by a drunk driver, and used her Apple Watch to call for help.
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  • Nikkei pushing iPhone X production cuts as reason Samsung is looking for OLED screen custo...

    jony0 said:

    But … where else could a drop in demand possibly come from ?

    Could it be that in the just finished year …

    • the overall industry drooped 9 percent
    • during quarter four, [Strategy Analytics] characterizes the precipitous decline as the "biggest annual fall in smartphone history."

    Apple tops worldwide smartphone vendor list in Q4 amid industry contraction, report says

    Or could it be that Samsung doesn't have or is not expecting great pre-orders or future sales for its upcoming new release ?
    Nah, gotta be because of Apple and the obvious iPhone X failure.
    There, that was easy. Hey our analysis is now done and we can start our weekend, yippee.
    Yes blame Apple. The perfect marketing strategy for Samsung. Have a 3rd party blame Apple, that way Samsung can say it wasn't them that spread the rumor. The damage is done, and Samsung spins their lies on how the next phone is better than Apple's. 

    So Samsung isn't faulted for poor forecasting, it's Apple's fault. I'm sure they didn't have a minimum run agreement so that they could avoid excess inventory...... riiight. 

    Ps. Samsung displays on the X suck. 
    They scratch more easily then non-oled iPhones and from the looks of things, they fail more often.   Maybe Apple is looking elsewhere?
    The service data we have for the iPhone X doesn't suggest a larger-than average screen failure rate at the same time in the lifespan as previous models. In fact, it's a bit lower than any of the last three models -- but not outside the realm of statistical variance.
  • Hands On: OmniPlan 3.9 is project management for complex jobs on the Mac and iPad

    dreyfus2 said:
    "If the initial entering and then organizing of your tasks is one weakness of OmniPlan, there are others. The biggest and one that will never be fixed is that OmniPlan is not Microsoft Project. That Microsoft app is the standard for professional project managers across the world and it is very, very powerful. It's also just very, very cumbersome and Microsoft won't tell you the price so you know it's very, very expensive."

    Well, the price is available for all world to see: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/d/project-professional-2016/cfq7ttc0k5cm?activetab=pivot%3aoverviewtab

    MS Project is most definitely not "the standard for professional project managers across the world". People who are in international project management since 30 years, like me, would not touch it with tweezers. The only PM software I see in every single large project is Oracle's Primavera – and if you have ever used it, you will know why MS's unusable POS is not even on the map. While I agree with the praise for OmniPlan overall, I would not call it the best PM solution on the Mac at this point. They certainly got a lot better since version 1, but I would still call Merlin the clear winner.
    While what you're saying about "touch it with tweezers" is probably the case -- the best product isn't necessarily the world-wide standard.