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  • European Commission opens 'in-depth' investigation into Apple's acquisition of Shazam

    Soli said:
    jbdragon said:
    Soli said:
    Can someone explain to me how buying Shazam crates an unfair advantage for Apple with streaming music?
    It doesn't!!!  It's just about wanting to control American company's.  When they need more money because their policy's keep failing, they'll find something new to fine a American company.
    Thanks. I certainly can't see a reasoning, nor did I glean any from the article.
    We couldn’t figure one out either, our emails and calls have as of yet gone unanswered, and the statement on the matter is frustratingly short on specifics.
  • iPhone 8 & iPhone 8 Plus both beat iPhone X sales in March quarter, questionable data find...

    cropr said:
    Right away in the title of this article we find skepticism at someone else’s skepticism about the iPhone X.  Get over it Apple crowd.  I’m a fan too but FETCH IS NEVER GONNA HAPPEN.  Let it go.  It’s overpriced and people finally proved there is a tipping point, though that tipping point was way higher than even I expected, admittedly. 
    Hmm, let's see which I should believe about iPhone sales, the CEO of the company or a third party that interviewed 500 consumers (using some undisclosed methodology).
    A CEO of any big company has always a hidden agenda when he/she makes a public statement.  500 comsumers can speak freely with their tongue on their heart.  So yes I would believe more the 500 consumers.
    A CEO would find himself under indictment if he lies in any way associated with earnings. The ASP for the last quarter (graph included) is pretty indicative of iPhone X sales for the TWO months out of the three in the quarter that the phone was available.

    The larger point is, using the same methodology and sample size, CIRP missed the mix estimate in a big way last quarter. Sure, they might be right this quarter -- but there are adequate grounds for caution.

    Like I keep saying, we do keep track of what analysts say, and how they glean their info. CIRP misses a lot.
  • Ill-informed YouTuber bemoans Apple repair policies after breaking iMac Pro

    man said:
    What is the pint of this article? Everything they said in the video was factually correct and they had every right to be shocked and disappointed at apples service. Here, I'll try to drive some traffic their way:
    Yup, they did have every right to be shocked and disappointed.

    And, we've got every right to call them out on the video lacking key pieces of detail and inserting bogus assumptions that they once again doubled down on in an interview this weekend.

  • Ill-informed YouTuber bemoans Apple repair policies after breaking iMac Pro

    majorsl said:
    You guys do realize that Apple's terms and conditions for repairs apply to warranty-only cases, right? This whole situation was very obviously not a warranty case, so the terms and conditions do not apply. On the other hand, if Linus had purchased the special repair entitlement ticket known as AppleCare, he would have ended up getting a new iMac Pro anyway, regardless of what was done to his machine. So, I have to ask, what is the point of citing Apple's terms and conditions for repair work when it doesn't even apply to this situation?

    Those that didn't should probably watch that segment of the show, just like I did.  It's not the full hour, just a segment at the first 1/3rd or so.
    Those aren’t just warranty terms and conditions - they’re service terms too. Plus, AppleCare+ can and does get voided for consumer disassembly and abuse beyond accidental damage too.

    Specifically, section 1.8.iv applies.


  • 'iPhone SE 2' rumored to retain iPhone 5 styling minus headphone jack, launch in May

            Please keep the the headphone jack or lose customers- I will be the first-

    • With normal use, headsets offer substantial reductions in SAR compared with conventional cell phone use, where the phone, rather than a headset, is held against the head.
    Well good thing there's NSBE on holding a phone to your head, then, huh? I completely understand ALARA, but there is literally no scientific reason to flip out about RF.