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  • Review: The Nekteck 480GB Thunderbolt 3 drive sidesteps Apple's flash storage pricing

    plc_ratm said:
    Thank you for the review, Mike!

    Are there any issues using the drive as a boot drive? (Mac + Bootcamp)

    Otherwise this seems like a good fit for my 27” iMac 2017. It was a bargain but the mere idea of a spinning drive (1TB FusionDrive) seems dirty ;]
    So far so good. Used it for two weeks straight on the new Mac mini with no issue.
  • Qualcomm wins import & sales ban on iPhones shipping with iOS 11 in China

    NY1822 said:
    CNBC has been fumbling this story, maybe you can clarify some details. IOS 12 was released in September 2017. The iphone 8/ 8 Plus/ X were also released September 2017. Does this mean since they are shipping with IOS 12 they skirt the ban? So then this would only apply to the 6/ 6S/ 7 line?

    Also, Apple is saying all models are still available for sale in China.

    Correction: as corrected by another poster..IOS 12 was released in 2018.
    Sorry, late to the party here. Busy day. 

    While the China court says that it is a device ban based on the software, if Apple substantively changed the software from iOS 11 to iOS 12, they can argue that it is not the same product as the infringing one, and as such, can still be sold -- so it appears that's what's going on here. The original court filing was for everything up to the iPhone X, that could run iOS 11.
  • Hands on: Must-have Mac audio tool Loopback reworked with major visual changes

    I've been thinking of picking up this application. But do I need Audio HiJack also if I get this one? I see that LoopBack literally hi-jacks the audio from every conceivable source on the mac. 

    It really depends on what your primary use case is -- recording or audio routing from anywhere to anywhere.

    If you just need a simple recorder, then Audio HIjack is your best bet. If you've got disparate inputs and outputs, then LoopBack is the better call.
  • Apple rolls out watchOS 5.1.2 update, complete with ECG function

    elector said:
    Not available here in New York at 1:06 PM EDT
    Maybe it will be available later today.
    I’m glad you got it, but I had it available at 1:01 in Washington DC metro.

    We don’t post unless we see the update.
  • Apple rolls out watchOS 5.1.2 update, complete with ECG function

    damonf said:
    emoeller said:
    Download and operates fine - Sinus Rhythm, I'm going to live another day.   

    FYI, my Xs bricked on the 5.1 update, but no problems with this update.
     Watch ECG app tells me to set it up in Health app on iPhone, but I can’t get Health app to trigger ECG setup. Did yours just pop up a window to do it?
    I’m in the same boat. Could it have to do with using Beta on the iPhone?
    It does. Remove the beta profile and re-update everything.