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  • YouTube drop tests are a terrible indication of iPhone durability

    hexclock said:
    Why fly to Australia for a test? Is the gravitational force stronger down under?
    Nothing as fancy as that. It's just where the iPhone goes on sale first.
  • USB-C on iPhone 15: Everything you need to know

    jj.yuan said:
    To connect with wired headphones, there are many USB-C to 3 mm adapters in the market. Are they compatible with the new iPhones?

    Apple hasn't released such an adapter, I assume. Maybe I missed it?
    We don't have a comprehensive list, but so far, all the cheap ones we've tested work.
  • iOS 17 is probably hitting your battery hard today -- but that's expected

    M68000 said:
    On a side note - i’ve lost about 9 to 10 Gb of storage on my phone since the update..  Will any temp or dormant install files for the OS be purged?  
    Little of both. The new OS occupies a bit more space than the previous.
  • Apple will issue iOS update to appease France over RF exposure row

    petri said:
    As always AI falls over itself to defend Apple, but a reading of 5.4w/kg does not just “slightly exceed” the legal limit, it’s 35% higher.  Regardless of what margin there may be between the legal limit and a harmful effect, ignoring it to the tune of 35% is unacceptable.

    If you go 35% faster than the speed limit, you’d best expect you’re going to be booked for it.

    Assuming it isn’t just a faulty test (and that seems pretty unlikely) Apple have some explaining to do.  An iOS update now is all well and good, but this is a three year old phone which may well have been breaking the law for three years.
    Do you have a background in exposure control to RF and ionizing radiation?

    I do. Over a decade's worth, with periodic work still.

    This is an inconsequential increase, and likely because the French use different equipment than, literally, the rest of the world does. The French use a home-grown company called Art-fi. The rest of the world uses Speag.

    You know why nobody outside France uses Art-fi gear? Because it's unreliable and inaccurate.

    And, it can"slightly exceed" -- which it does, since it's 1.4 Watts/KG on contact in a scenario where there's no chance for damage -- and be 35% over at the same time.

    Regardless, Apple is turning down the transmitter in software, and will deal with this separately anyway.
  • Apple's new iCloud+ tiers are too much for consumers, too little for professionals

    So for this article to make any sense you have to narrowly define the word professional as an editor working on a big budget Hollywood production and avoid describing consumer needs altogether.  It is hard to believe this is anything other than the author being willfully obtuse for the sake of complaining. 
    Talk to Apple about it. They're the ones who said it was for professional video editors.