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  • Can I use 65W charger for MBA M2?

    Yes. You can use a 5w charger if you want — it just won’t give you much power.

    And regarding speed — the biggest factor in that is how much power your machine is using while charging.
  • Hands on with Apple Vision Pro in the wild

    ste91 said:
    Did you try any of the environments? If so, were they impressive? Were you able to walk around within them? They mentioned they’re captured volumetrically and showed some camera motions that made it appear as if you can sorta move within them. 
    This feature does not work yet. The test app I used was moving around in a space to learn how to operate the machinery, but I don't believe that's what you're talking about.
  • Hands on with Apple Vision Pro in the wild

    nesss01 said:
    Did you get any sense of how the camera performs in dim light or at night? I have retinitis pigmentosa and can't see at night or in dim light, but i have always been able to see using the iPhone screen. How is the vision pro?

    and were you able to walk around while wearing it?
    No idea on the camera. Vision Pro doesn't get as bright as an iPhone screen when HDR is invoked for media, but I don't think you're going to have a problem using it.

    The test case with the machinery as discussed in the piece required walking around.
  • Hands on with Apple Vision Pro in the wild

    tht said:
    And like with the iPhone and iPad, Apple Vision Pro won't be the best tool for everything, and everybody. I still feel reading and surfing are better on iPhone, iPad, and Mac, for instance, and other apps will require a more conventional interface.
    Were you able to place say Safari windows closer to and farther away from you? How close, how far? Change text sizes? The UI guidelines seem to say that windows will get smaller the closer to you and get bigger the farther away from you, and similarly text will get smaller the closer it is and bigger the farther it is.

    Did you try direct touch on the virtual displays? How many windows were opened and displayed simultaneously?

    There will need to be more gestures. For scrolling long lists, they will have to do something other then a pinch-slide. It will have to be a pinch-rotate. And or add scroll bars that can be selected.

    They really need to have Terminal.app in it, assuming the text is clear.

    And yes, people will have to get used to it and build up muscles for it. You're putting a 1 lb weight in front of your face with a light seal mashed up into your orbitals and big strap behind your head. So, the neck muscles have to be built up. Have to get used to the compression on your face and the back of your head.

    The eyeballs muscles also have to be trained. It's one part always focusing at the same distance and another part tricking the brain to percieve objects that further or closer even though they are not.

    Most of what you're asking about doesn't work yet. 

    There is no sign of Terminal on the device. I don't think there's going to be, for the same reason there isn't on an iPad.
  • Hands on with Apple Vision Pro in the wild

    How about comparing the display’s apparent crispness to the competition? Any screendoor effect like on the high end Oculus?
    I'm reluctant to comment deeply on this now, until I get a bit more time with it at some point in the future.

    As it stands right now, it's significantly better than the Oculus, but not gone. I feel like this is more in software at the moment than hardware -- and it's hard to explain. I'll think on it more.

    Vision Pro is far better than the Index or Vive in this regard, though.