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  • Apple's valuation will fall to less than $3 trillion for the worst reasons

    mayfly said:
    mayfly said:
    "I'm not a stock analyst, nor do I own any Apple stock…"
    And? It's not ethical for me to do so. The second-half of the sentence you half-quoted spells out why.
    No problem with ethics at all. But given the disclaimer, it's wise for the reader to make investment decisions based on other criteria.
    As well they should. Investing based on what one talking head is saying, is always a bad idea.
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  • Apple's valuation will fall to less than $3 trillion for the worst reasons

    gatorguy said:
    Apple has continuously been buying back stock for the last seven years, and
    retiring most of it...
    Hasn't every share acquired under the repurchase program been retired? They can, of course, create new shares someday and sell them, but AFAIK every share in Apple's Repurchase Program has been effectively burned, it no longer exists. 
    In the early days of the buy-back they did some other things with a small portion of the shares they re-acquired. For the last four years, as far as I can tell, every share has been completely retired.

    When I say "most of it," that's like conservatively 96% have been retired.
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  • New ad campaign tells you to 'Pay the Apple Way'

    I am a member of Costco. What pisses me off is that they accept Apple Pay in store. But! I cannot use it at the gas pump. You have to use the physical credit card to make the transaction. I cannot use the phone. Can somebody tell me why that is? 
    Probably old pumps. I can use Apple Pay at the pump at one Costco near me, but not another.
  • Russian kangaroo court fines Apple two seconds of profit over News row

    spheric said:
    If this was a magistrate's court, and they were fined for violating a law that the court upheld, that's a formal institution, not a "kangaroo court". 

    Calling it a "kangaroo court" blurs the line between reporting and opinion piece in the very headline, in a way that doesn't even reflect the actual happenings. 

    Not a hallmark of respectable journalism. 
    You're welcome to believe what you want. However, the Russian law doesn't apply to aggregators like Apple News, and the like. Apple is not the creator of the content, and by the law on the books, is not liable for it.

    The court found Apple guilty anyway. Seems pretty clear.
  • iPhone is never going to get an easy battery replacement door

    robjn said:
    So the writer of the article thinks the big heavy toolkit supplied by Apple is almost entirely not required and all that’s really needed is a couple of screwdrivers and a plastic spludger.

    This completely ignores battery safety and repair quality. Apple’s complex tools are absolutely required to do the job properly. Third party repair shops and people like iFixit have been compromising safety and quality for years.

    For example, Apple’s tool kit includes a battery press that is used to adhere the battery without damaging it. These batteries are soft and can be damaged just by pressing them with your fingers if you are doing an unsafe iFixit style repair.

    Another example, is that Apple’s toolkit provides screwdrivers that tighten screws to a specified torque. This prevents screws from being under or over tightened, either of which can lead to damage or future failure.

    I've done battery exchanges both with and without Apple's toolkit, in and out of a "sanctioned" place. I'm comfortable with what I said.

    The toolkit is nice. It's also not required. And more importantly, a paragraph or two down, I say that getting it done at the Apple Store for about $70 is the best balance between price and convenience. Labor, even your own, is not free.