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  • Nearly all mention of AirPower wiped from Apple's website, suggests further delays or aban...

    Rayz2016 said:
    Not really sure how they can announce something, then suddenly find they can’t do it. 

    Would love to know what happened here. 
    It worked in prototype and early production but scaling up manufacturing proved not to work- either the defect rate was too high (and that is easy to miss if you’re hand assembling just a few during development) or costs were too high or both.

    its not that hard.  Most companies just sell the lower quality product anyway.
  • 'iPhone 9,' 'iPhone Xs' and 'iPhone Xs Plus' pre-orders launched by Romanian carrier ahead...

    Fake news.

    This is just the rumor echo chamber amplifying itself.  

    AppleInsider pretending like this is confirmation of anything is pathetic.
  • Privacy not absolute: US among consortium of nations calling for encryption back doors

    Is it technically possible for Apple to build, or for the US government to require, different levels of security for users in different countries? Or do all users all over the world expect and get maximum privacy and security from US products? E.g., should Apple product users in Iran or ISIS get unbreakable cryptographic protection with no key escrow? Is Apple morally right to provide high grade privacy to its users everywhere equally?

    This is just one issue of interest. There are other interesting questions. Too bad this forum doesn't raise any of the thought provoking issues. What websiet must I visit to find the interesting issues debated?
    It’s not technically possible.  You put the back door in there for government and the system is compromised for everyone, and will be exploited by other governments and criminals.

    There is no forum where you can have the kind of discussion you want because forums themselves have been compromised.

    Look at how Twitter and Facebook are censoring what you can say?

    If governments get their way with backdoors this will be everywhere all the time.

    Younwont be able to call the president a badgers while alone in your car driving down a highway in the middle of nowhere because your phone will be recording it and AI will determine you made a threat.

    thats the future they want. Total control, total power.

    this is what evil is and why the responses are “one sided”
  • Privacy not absolute: US among consortium of nations calling for encryption back doors

    lkrupp said:
    Because nobody cares. We in the U.S. put our fellow citizens in concentration camps because we were afraid. Ask George Takei how that happened. 
    George is the last person to ask- he votes for and endorsed the very party that put him in that camp.

    but I have news for you and those others who think they can get away with it:  encryption doesn’t obey laws.

    They can compromise people and companies but it’s much harder to compromise technology.

    and if they exploit their backdoors people will quickly switch.

    people think PGP wasn’t popular because it was too hard to use- nope it wasn’t popular because it wasn’t needed.

    but every generation of kids is more and more tech savvy.

    and every generation has better privacy technology at their fingertips.
  • Editorial: An ad-free, premium social network... from Apple

    Most of this is good analysis, but when Daniel talks about "Fake news", don't forget he's a hard core marxist.  The lies put out by "correct the record" and the Hillary campaign (eg: "Russia hacked our election!!!11!one" and that kind of BS) are considered "news" by his kind.

    "Fake news" is when the truth debunks the "Fact check" and other propaganda sites.

    It is positively orwellian that the purveyors of fake news have come out so strongly against "fake news" and of course link it with "harassment and radicalized hate speech"--- two things that also primarily come from these marxists--- who can forget the violent leftist thugs that rioted when a gay man tried to speak at Berkeley. 

    The level of orwellianness is just astounding.

    Having taken over the "mainstream" media, and demonized Fox news for the past two decades for the crime of being slightly to the right of Mao, they are now condemning anyone who dares to point out the emperor (or in this case wannabe empress) has no clothes.

    Lets hope Apple doesn't start censoring reality.

    That would be a real reality distortion field.

    AS it is now, Daniel has only himself to blame (and a drinking problem as a result).

    Lets not let the next generation of kids never be exposed to reality.
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