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  • Apple says hidden Safari setting led to flawed Consumer Reports MacBook Pro battery tests

    This basically invalidates anything Consumer Reports does, test, or publishes in the future. Possibly in the past too. They knowingly changed settings that would not reflect an actual user's configuration, and deceitfully posted fraudulent results.

    If that's how they operate I have no interest in any other opinion they have to offer on any product.
    Yes, CR committed fraud here.

    It's not the first time.

    It won't be the last.

    I'm old enough to remember when CR was a reputable outfit.
  • Apple manufacturer Foxconn aiming to fully automate factories in three phases

    macxpress said:

    This is exactly why Trump's promises of bringing manufacturing back to America are more likely to have a negative effect on jobs.  Not that it's Trump's fault, but promising factory workers that there is some great future for them is irresponsible at best, and dangerous on some level.
    Someday all of these Trump supporters will see his campaign was completely full of BS. All of these promises he cannot and will not keep. 
    And yet compared to Felony Clinton he was a paragon of virtue.  So, you can be bitter all you want, but you didn't run a better candidate.

    Until people start embracing capitalism, and the freedom -- eg libertarianism -- the economy will continue to decline as socialism snuffs it out.

    You will have nobody but yourself to blame.
  • MacBook Pro fails to earn Consumer Reports recommendation for first time

    anome said:
    Interesting that the 15" model seems to have greatly exceeded the listed battery life at best, and come in about normal at worst. (8 hours vs 10 hours in Apple's idealised tests seems about right.)

    The 3 hour mark in the 13" is cause for concern, but I'd want more information before making a judgment. If people are genuinely seeing consistent results like that, then there's definitely something wrong. What it is requires a lot more information, and probably further testing from Apple. If you have a notebook that is consistently behaving like that, I'd get it to Apple. I've heard they will replace it so they can run tests of the faulty unit. Of course, they should anyway since you haven't had it that long.

    I'm not sure how to take Consumer Reports these days, anyway. They seem to be rather fickle, given past actions around removing recommendations for things based on what I see as rather petty complaints. (I don't class this instance as petty, but I seem to recall them pulling a recommendation they had previously given for an iPhone model for something minor.)
    the problem is not CR in this case..... this battery issue has been observed from day one of the release. Even Phill alluded to it when he tried to explain away the reason for 16 gig ram limit.
    Bullshit. The reason for the 16 GB RAM limit is technical, and your dismissiveness of it comes only because you are technicalogically illiterate.

    Consumer Reports has had a political agenda against Apple for several years and they have no creditability.... at least with people who understand what the LP in LPDDR mean.
  • Apple's Tim Cook among tech executives meeting with Donald Trump on Wednesday - report

    Soli said:
    You really think that Obama's unwavering desire and attempt to work with others in a democratic republic is really the "wrong way to proceed? That the US is better off when we let fake news, unfounded accusations, FUD, and demagoguery control the nation? That may have won EC votes this time around but long-term that has repeatedly shown not to work.
    Obama never worked with others.  He pretended to. He proclaimed he was.  But in the end, like Obamacare, "you have to pass it so you can read it" -- he forced the platform down our throats.

    He was the extremist that you guys pretend Trump is.
    buzdotstallest skil
  • US regulators ask smartphone makers to implement function-limited 'driver mode'

    sockrolid said:
    Repeat after me:

    "You can't multitask.  No matter how many Starbucks you've slammed."

    Say it.  Good.  Now remember it and try not to die.
    More people die each year due to the FDA banning safe drugs that they could use to get better, than due to all auto accidents combined.

    These scumbags are not your friends, and they don't care how many people they murder with their regulations.