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  • FBI investigation of Minn. mall mass stabbing may rekindle iPhone encryption debate

    So was Jack the Ripper a Terrorist?

    Do kids these days not read 1984 by George Orwell?

    Lets stop calling every criminal terroris, because "Terrorist" has become a magic word that means "the constitution and the laws of the land don't apply, therefore we can operate as if we are a fascist state".

    Before long they will be calling drug dealers "terrorists" and even drug users.  Then hackers.

    Then anyone who doesn't vote for a democrat.

    Then they won't need to because we will all be in camps.

    IF you think this is hyperbole, you don't know history.  It has happened dozens of times in the past century. 
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  • Apple reschedules fiscal Q4 2016 earnings call to Oct. 25

    Does this mean that the 27th going to be the launch event for Macs and iPads?
    It is highly unlikely that Apple wouldn't of known a product release date when they set their earnings call. 
    Not that unlikely. It's quite possible the product was intended to launch a week or two earlier, but something came up last minute and it slipped.

    I think this is the first confirmation that there will be an October Announcement event, I'm guessing on the 11th (which we'll hear about tomorrow) or more likely the 18th.

    I'm hoping for a new Macbook Pro!
  • Exploit broker triples iOS bounty to $1.5M, cites security improvements and demand

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    adm1 said:
    If the people who discovered the exploits hacked into our phones, they'd be criminals.
    you or I do this... illegal. a government does it... protecting national security. those that write the rules are above the law.
    Channeling  Richard Nixon, are we?
    Not Nixon but James Comey, who is the reincarnation of J Edgar Hoover, the originator of the government being above the law. It also doesn't help that the Patriot Act has given our government free reign to do just about anything they want in the name of national security (whether it's real or imagined). Our radical supreme court can't wait to make this historically illegal act legal and Congress continues to do nothing but fight each other so we're getting closer to the stereotypical police state where our government is allowed to break the law while everyone else (except those who buy off government officials) is expected to abide by a second set of laws. 
    Just contribute to the Clinton Foundation and you are good to go. Nice cushy govt job, etc.
    jdgaz - Dont be an idiot. Take your moronic comments to the Faux News site where they belong.
    Uh, this isn't some conspiracy theory, this is conspiracy fact, as exposed by Wikileaks. 

    It's sad that this country has sunk to the point where and obviously and blatantly corrupt candidate has legions of people defending her. Trump may be a giant douche, but Clinton is a turd sandwich whose been exposed revealing classified information (yet she wants to persecute Snowden for the same crime- except when he did it he exposed criminal activity at the highest levels of government.)

    Never would have thought we would have a more corrupt administration after W. Bush, but here we are, and we are supposed to vote for the most corrupt of the secretaries in the most corrupt administration ever?

  • Apple planning to launch new MacBook Pro with OLED touch bar in late October - report

    adrayven said:
    If they are doing a retina 5k monitor.. it MUST have built-in GPU in the monitor. Their is no way to power a 5k w/o the custom graphics controller chip and the Display Port 2.0, which Thunderbolt 3 does not support.

    So only way this happens, is a built in GPU, custom chip, and Apple starts supporting directly, external GPU docks similar to what others like Razer with the Razer Core external GPU box.
    This is fine- I'd be happy with an external GPU.  Just want Apple to support it in software... and I want it to be compelling.  EG: either AMD or NVIDIA's current high end GPUs, or give us a choice. 
  • Tim Cook's fundraiser for presidential candidate Hillary Clinton set for tonight

    Hillary Clinton opposes gay marriage.  For this reason alone it is shameful for Tim Cook to support her.

    Say what you want about Trump, and the democrats have been saying a lot of BS about him, but Trump has always considered homosexuality to be a non-issue. 

    Add to that that Trump supports more economic freedom than Hillary, and there's no reason Cook should support her.

    Of course the Libertarians beat both of them on all counts.
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