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  • Apple fails bid to get 'Think Different' trademark restored in EU

    As cunning as Swatch might be, no one is really going to mistakenly buy a swatch due to “tick different” or “iWatch” when looking for Apple’s product. In contrary, Swatch is cheapening their brand with such parody names.
  • iPhone & AirPods will require USB-C for charging in the EU by late 2024

    The beauty of these regulations is that
    they make future innovations like Magsav (like those on Macs, a wired connector)
  • Apple adds 123 new emoji in iOS 15.4 update

    For a company whose design philosophy is minimalism they create a lot of garish emojis.
    Incorrect. Apple doesn't create the new characters in the unicode emoji character set, it merely implements them. If they were to not implement them, users would get a broken character when another use sends one. 

    As for the artistic merit of the characters themselves, IMO Apple's are among the most pleasant implementations, and likely most iconic. 

    jimh2 said:
    We have way too many emoji’s for them to remain useful. Too much of a good idea. 
    Not really -- you aren't require to use every character all of the time. You can continue to use only the ones that are of frequent use to you, and others can do the same. It's much like color swatches at the paint store -- every shade is not for everybody. This is also how words work. Use what you like.
    How is that incorrect? I didn’t say that they shouldn’t implement them only that their implementations are garish and don’t coincide with their otherwise minimalist design language. Just because you like them doesn’t mean that statement isn’t true.
    When something makes you unhappy, just say "incorrect" and point out something. That's how Internet forums work.

    Eventually we will have an emoji for every noun in the dictionary. Emoji will work like words. Use what you like. Here's preview:

    🔛🫂🔜have1️⃣😀for🔢noun in the 📖🔎. 😀🔜🧑‍🔧❤️🔤. ✍️what👇❤️.
  • UK woman orders iPhone 13 Pro Max, gets a $1 bottle of hand soap instead

    jdw said:
    jimh2 said:
    Nice clickbait making one think Apple had done this. 
    No educated person would interpret the article as such, and believe me, I know full well what click-bait is and hate it.  When I read the headline I immediately thought it was yet another case of theft by either the carrier or a thief who otherwise meddled with the goods during transport.  That seemed very clear to me from the get-go.
    It's a clickbait because I clicked to see what soap is worth $1. Even Lidl doesn't have anything under $1.49.
  • Apple Acoustics VP hints that Bluetooth could be holding back AirPods

    crowley said:
    Apple are in the Bluetooth Group, so they're only complaining about themselves.  Want more bandwidth?  Then submit improvements to the standard.
    When Apple is too far ahead of everyone else, they would be forced to create a new standard (that no one else uses). We have seen that with Thunderbolt (2011), lightning (2012), or even PowerPC (1991). So obviously they are complaining about the standards set by others in the current Bluetooth group, perhaps even hinting at the creation of a new “LightningTooth.”