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  • Photos of Apple Card showcase design, weight, and packaging

    Dollars in the detail: banks pan for gold in 'data lakes'

    "From sending special offers on restaurants to burger-loving current account holders to selling anonymized credit card records, banks are racing to monetize the huge troves of data they hold...."

    Reading this article -- about how banks mine your credit information the same way Google mines your browsing habits perhaps -- provides perhaps one of the best arguments for the Apple Card:   Privacy.

    Think about what your credit card knows about you -- which is essentially everything:  Where you live, where you go, what you buy, where you buy it, how much you spend each month, how much you make each month --  THEN it gets to the standard personal stuff:  Name, address, phone #, Social Security #, etc...

    And, the banksters are beginning to learn how to use that data for marketing purposes just like Google does.

    While I haven't heard any specific promises of privacy on the Apple Card, I would expect that from Apple.  

    Here is the link to the article.  It's thought provoking:

  • Editorial: Apple's move to ARM is possible because most users want power more than compati...

    But my Mac IS compatible -- except it's with my iPhone instead of my laptop.

    As I moved increasingly into the world of iOS from Windows the need for a Mac became ever more important:   It integrates well with the world of iOS -- which is more important to me than integrating with my world of Windows.  (For instance, it's a lot easier to update a Numbers spreadsheet on the Mac than on either the iPhone or a Windows laptop.)

    But, that said, the Mac actually does integrate better with my Windows desktop (which I use as a pseudo-server) than my Windows Laptop does!  Despite both being Windows 10 I cannot get my laptop and desktop to talk to each other.   But the Mac talks to the desktop just fine!   It's SO ironic!   
  • Mizuho analysts suggest 2019 iPhones will 'lack novelty' for consumers

    avon b7 said:
    I place the 2018 models on an 'S' cycle and therefore would hope for a major renovation of the 2019 devices.

    I'm sure camera versatility will lead to more sales, though.

    I find it difficult to imagine Apple going through another iterative upgrade with competitors pushing so hard for so long and with them still using 5W chargers etc.

    If I had to go out on a limb I'd go for improvements to 3D sensing and associated software (including real time 3D modelling). Much improved battery tech (at every stage). Far more camera versatility. Better AI. More attractive shell finishes.

    It might not be game changing, as all of that is already available on Android flagships, but it should help to sell more iPhones - if they also adjust pricing down.

    I definitely expect the handsets to be more newsworthy than last year's which were largely overshadowed by the Series 4 Apple Watch.
    More attractive shell finishes? Only in the mind of Huawei marketing (which I sometimes wonder if you work for) is metallic gradient finishes a more attractive design. 
    And, if he does?
    I say Good!   Because he has brought a lot of fact based truth to those parroting the propaganda and fear mongering of Trump and his hardliners. 

    We saw the results of letting a political agenda drive facts in 2001 - 2003: "Iraq is part of the Axis of evil", "We KNOW the WMDs are there!".
    Now we seem to be repeating the same process with Huawei and Iran.

    I am grateful that he brought some facts and truth to the table here.
    avon b7AppleExposed
  • Apple's iPads are transforming students' lives in multilingual European classrooms

    I'm glad to see iPad taking a prominent role in education:  There is just SO much potential here.

    It can provide quality education experiences to students while reducing teacher burden and costs -- that's a win-win situation.

    My own experience with what is being described here happened not only before there were iPads but before there were computers (at least outside government and very large corporations) in the early 60's:

    It was called "TeMac" (short for "teaching machine") and it is how I learned Algebra 1 in 7th grade.  It was a loosely bound book that had 2 columns on each page.  The left column contained short teachings and questions and the right column (covered by a slide) had the answers.   The students worked on their own at their own pace and a teacher was available for questions.   When the student completed a chapter the informed the teacher who give them the test on that chapter.
    ... Basically it was a computerized system without the computer.

    It was THE BEST educational experience I had in all of my years of schooling.

    I can see how this kind of thing could be easily adapted to different languages to help kids struggling to understand teachers using an unfamiliar language.   And, I sincerely hope that Apple teams up with a quality education service to help them exploit all the potential power of the iPad in classrooms throughout the world.
  • Apple releases updated $199 iPod touch with A10 Fusion, up to 256GB of storage

    I don’t get why someone wouldn’t buy an iPhone 7 instead and just not activate cellular. On Amazon there are iPhone 7s for under $300.
    People like me, prefer portable devices. Plus $200 is a good price point for folks looking to get into iOS in developing nations which puts 20-40% tariffs. Developers need to have test devices. Plus which other iOS device has 256GB storage within $400 ?
    Does the target market for this device need 256GB? Plus it looks like the only thing they really updated was the processor. Not sure why it took this long to do a processor bump. Honestly the only reason to buy this is if you absolutely must have a headphone jack.
    For me, the biggest appeal of an iPod is that it can carry and play my music library.

    Apple wiped mine out (at least on my iPhone) when I subscribed to Apple Music.
    Now, many songs are missing and even more have been replaced with other versions of the same song.  One example is when they replaced the songs from the original live Benny Goodman at Carnergie Hall concert with later recorded copies.   That was a historical concert that changed music in America by introducing big band jazz to the elite and was played by icons of the era:   Benny, Gene Krupa, Harry James, Lionel Hamptom and others....  It can never be replaced of duplicated.  But, now its gone.

    But, I could use an iPod to load my original vinyl and CD library without fear Apple will replace it with their own versions.