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  • Compared: Samsung's Galaxy S10 range vs. Apple's iPhone XS and iPhone XR

    It seems to me that this, along with slower iPhone sales, is an industry game changer:  Specifically that Apple has been dragged into a new phase of war based on features and price.

    Specifically Apple will now have to seriously start thinking competition over gross margin.   While they will continue to compete at the high end on technical features without regard to price, at the mid level they will need to compete on both features and price.  They're free ride is over.  Samsung just threw down the gauntlet.
  • Apple Watch credited with saving life of Seattle man with AFib

    I find the Apple Watch to be a more amazing and wonderful product than anything Steve ever produced -- and I say that with enormous respect and gratitude for all that Steve did for our world.

    Increasingly the Apple Watch is morphing from a fashion trinket to a capable exercise/activity monitor to a health promoting tool to an essential safety device.

    It is that last that I'm not sure that even Apple comprehends:   I have spoken to Apple Store reps about the watch and how it promotes personal safety and every time I was met with a "huh?" -- like the thought had never before occurred to them.

    But, one more aspect of that:   My 12 year old grandson is increasingly in places without parental supervision and where he cannot carry his phone (like swimming or playing football with friends).   So, today I have arriving for him a Series 3 with LTE (thanks to a great deal from B&H that I learned about here on ai).   Now, he will be able to reach out for help wherever and whenever he needs it -- and his parents will be able to check in with him as needed -- so he can gain independence while remaining as safe as possible.

    Thank you Steve for creating the organization and the environment that made this possible!
  • Samsung's Galaxy S10 guns for Apple with triple-lens camera, true edge-to-edge display

    Trump admits that he's blocking Huawei as part of his trade war to let poorly performing U.S. companies catch-up -- and announces he will skip 5G and go straight to 6G.

  • Huawei cloning Apple parts, rewarding employees for tech theft

    avon b7 said:
    At this point in time it should be clear to all that a very widespread and intense slur campaign is underway by the US government against Huawei.

    Something is not a "slur campaign" if it's true.
    That's true.  But so far all we've seen is slur with no facts to back it up -- which makes it a slur campaign.
    Amazing that an administration that demands absolute, irrefutable proof of it's own crimes relies on hear-say, speculation and prophesying  when condemning others.
    Don’t know where you live or what legal systems you’re used to, but “Slur with no facts” would hardly be consistent with a Canadian court arresting and holding this lady for extradition to the US. 

    Get real, instead of siding with the fake news brigade. You just come off sounding very stupid, which I am sure you’re not. 
    canadien's only arrested her at the request of the U.S. -- not because there was any evidence of her or Huawei's wrong doing.   Essentialy, the U.S. wants to hold her as a hostage in their trade war.   Meanwhile,  as I pointed out, European countries are saying the U.S. is out of line on the whole affair and setting up their own financial systems to bypass the U.S. and its Alternative Facts based facts.
  • Huawei cloning Apple parts, rewarding employees for tech theft

    avon b7 said:
    mercel said:
    At least the Chinesse realize they dont have what is required to create such amazing products and they are trying to learn how to make it... is bad but you have to learn somewere.... Apple need to protect better its investments
    And people should stop patronizing the copycat manufacturers.  I’m looking at you Huawei, Samsung, etc.  
    At this point in time it should be clear to all that a very widespread and intense slur campaign is underway by the US government against Huawei.

    The US is pushing other countries hard to stop Huawei's progress in key strategic fields where the US looks to lose influence.

    Pompeo is on tour at this very moment and attacking Huawei at every step - and admitting to it publicly - but with little or nothing in tow in terms of facts.

    I would say if there is anything to bite on, companies must present formal charges. 'Anonymous' claims and how they are presented should be taken lightly until the 5G roll out is well under way.

    Huawei's R&D outlay has been consistently near the top of the world rankings for years now and that is part of the reality the US hawks do not want to entertain. 

    The courts is very much the way to go if any of the facts want to be heard (should they truly exist).

    As far as stripping down competitors' products goes, I'm sure it's standard practice and I include Apple in this group too as well.

    Yes...   It's becoming increasingly clear that Huawei attacks are part of the right wing trade war with China.

    But, it's starting to get push back:  Great Britain told Pompeo they will make up  their own mind and run their own investigation.