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  • Apple hires Facebook exec to lead its information systems department

    :D :D :D re the article headline. I found it ironic - and funny.
  • 2022 iPad review: Decent upgrade, bad lineup position

    This article and especially the comments have made me focus (at last) on my actual needs, rather than whims. So, I’m planning a roadmap, which I should have done years ago but some ‘life issues’ got in the way. For me, this new track probably doesn’t include an ipad of any sort  at all. So, thanks, chaps, that was very useful :).
  • Apple halts gambling ads in App Store

    Thank goodness. Wiser heads have prevailed for the moment. Now keep them out, Apple.
  • New iPad requires USB-C Apple Pencil adapter for pairing & charging

    I’m one of those ‘low-count’ commenters - partly because my old AI account, which had a modestly good post count, seemed to get wiped a while ago. I haven’t had the time or inclination to post much since, nor do I have usually much to say that’s relevant in any case.

    Having said that, however, I have a 6th gen ipad with that infernal pencil mk.1. I hate charging it in the ipad’s lightning port - it's one bump away from disaster (like my recent iphone rear glass/apple silicon case’s camera protector ’incident’). It’s also very cumbersome and I fear for the ipad’s connector while the pencil waggles around. (Apple’s removal  of the convenient battery widget and burying it in settings in ipados has been another issue that stick’s in my craw.) I usually charge the pencil using the supplied adapter and a lightning cable.

    The old pencil’s functionality has left a little bit to be desired for some time, too, but I’ve put up with it until now - not including support for a more up-to-date pencil in this new ipad is a deal-breaker for me. I’m going to have a much more serious look at the ipad air.
  • New Mac mini, iPad Pro models with M2 may not get an event

    dk49 said:
    sdw2001 said:
    dk49 said:
    I just hope they replace the base ipad with one without the button. It's looks pretty dated now. Want to buy one but don't want to spend on the expensive models,
    Is it just the appearance you don’t like? As for money, why not pick up a 4th gen iPad Air?  You can pick up one for less than $500.  It’s far superior to the base iPad and is a great product.  Granted, that’s $120 more than the base model, but anyone whose budget is that tight doesn’t need to buy one in the first place…usually.  
    More than the appearance, I don't like pressing a button to go to home screen anymore. Swiping is way more convenient. And honestly, saying that people with tight budget don't require an ipad is just because ignorant and borderline rude. For me, I don't need the extra power of the ipad air. The baseline is good enough. Though yes I like the button-less  design of the air better. 
    I must be getting old, because I find the home button on my similarly ageing ipad much more convenient to get to the home screen than the swiping that more often than not doesn’t work first, second or even third time on my iPhone pro max 12. Swiping in my case wastes far too much time and gets really aggravating.

    Speaking of ‘gestures’, there’s so many of the little blighters on both the ipad an iphone now that they’re driving me up the wall - and often leading to unintended and even occasionally disastrous consequences where data loss is concerned.

    Having said that, I understand that the removal of the home button effectively increases screen real estate. When the battery on this 6th gen ipad croaks (not too far away, I suspect)!, I’ll be looking at the range very carefully - unless Apple does away with the ipad home button in the meantime, of course…