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  • Installation rate for iOS 12 slightly trailing iOS 11 in first 48 hours after release

    From iOS 7 I waited until the x.1 update, but after reading about the wide consensus about the stability of the 12 betas - and the claims that there was a significant UI speed increase especially for older phones (I',m not sure that my 7 Plus comes into that category), I decided to download the update within hours of it landing, both of the iPad and the 2018 iPad. So far, so good: I'm well pleased :). The phone is a lot more responsive, and there has been a bit of tweaking of the keyboard and also the predictive text bar and its hotspots on the phone, such that I am no longer ending up with quite so much weird messages. And the Homepod firmware update to 12.0 via the phone was seamless and FAST!
  • Infections of macOS trojan 'Calisto' discovered two years after initial release

    Soli said:
    gatorguy said:
    "Recall that Keychain stores passwords/tokens saved by the user, including ones saved in Safari." 

    But the most important note is this:
    "Calisto’s activity on a computer with SIP (System Integrity Protection) enabled is rather limited. Announced by Apple back in 2015 alongside the release of OSX El Capitan, SIP is designed to protect critical system files from being modified — even by a user with root permissions. Calisto was developed in 2016 or earlier, and it seems that its creators simply didn’t take into account the then-new technology. However, many users still disable SIP for various reasons; we categorically advise against doing so."

    So it's extremely unlikely that very many real-world users need be concerned with it IMHO.
    You can check to see if SIP is en/disabled by using this Terminal command:

    csrutil status
    Thanks Soli, Very helpful :). Cheers, Alex
  • Tested: Thermal conditions in the 2018 i9 MacBook Pro dramatically hampering performance

    "Thermalgate", anyone? Sorry, couldn't resist.

    On a serious note, none of this sounds good. Thanks for the quick test set.

    Mike: any chance that the thermal paste choice is having an impact on this?

  • New Samsung ad attacks iPhone X download speed, ignores performance benchmarks

    Humph. I posted this when there was no-one else about - but it didn't show up.

    What I said was - more or less:

    Samsung are either smarting at the loss of part of their OLED iPhone screen contract and are taking it out on Apple (as only they, Samsung, know how), or they want to lose even more of said contract.

    Maybe I pressed the wrong button in my haste (I was almost out the door when I did it).
  • Default Samsung messaging app randomly spamming contacts with pictures