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  • Can Apple's HomePod take on a surround sound theater system?

    dysamoria said:
    " loud as..." Maximum volume isn't what makes a surround system good. In fact, I am repeatedly faced with theatres that have shitty surround systems BECAUSE they've been running at too high a volume that they've become damaged, or where no one has properly balanced the speakers and the center channel is completely drowned out by the rest, making the dialog almost impossible to hear.
    Hear hear. I have had movies completely ruined at the theatre by speakers that have been wrecked by a total overload being inflicted on them. "Buzz zzzt snip snip fizz frizzle snurp" was pretty well all you could hear on such occasions. And at high volume, too. Put us off going to the (well, that) cinema for years.
  • Apple's new 'Behind the Mac' ad campaign puts spotlight back on creatives

    Perhaps these commercials illustrate what has gone wrong with the Mac:   They emphasize the Mac being used by non-mainstream creatives to create non-mainstream products:  In short, it emphasizes how the Mac line is aimed squarely at artists and related creatives like coders...  Specialty products for special people.

    While I don't know if Jobs ever actually said this, this line about the Mac from the Steve Jobs movie fits with his overall direction: 
    "It's for the grandma, the garbage man, the [common man]."  (Too make their lives better)

    I watched these commercials and felt zero connection to them, the people in them or the product they were espousing....

    The Mac line has devolved into a specialty product.  A niche product....

    Yeah I didn’t feel any connection to these commercials either. Also odd time for them to come out when so much Mac hardware is stale. Unless it means we’ll be seeing some updates soon.
    I immediately took the ads to suggest that a refresh is coming (September?). I’m hoping that this is case, but proof of the pudding, etc., etc.
  • Face ID on iOS 12 allows two different faces to unlock the same iPhone

    AI should test their 'tweaked' iPhone X on a range of people other than the original two, and see if it still unlocks.

    That would be interesting. I wonder what sort of sample size would be necessary before (or whether) you could shout 'BINGO!'.
  • Apple's iOS 12 prevents accidental screenshots on iPhone X

    mystigo said:
    What triggers me is having the power button opposite the volume buttons. I absolutely hate that about the iPhone. My camera roll is full of screenshots because I accidentally registered a click on the volume button while pressing the power button side.

    I can't count how many times I have turned the phone off while trying to increase the volume.

    +1000. I have been trying to train myself to not turn the voulume down every time that I put the phone to sleep with the power button on my iPhone 7 Plus, but I’d MUCH rather have the power button back on the top edge. I blame Jony Ive for the current shemozzle (like the cylindical strain-inducing ‘strain-reliever’ on all Apple cables. Aaaargh. Idiot(s).)
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  • macOS Mojave will drop support for some older Macs released before 2012

    Bother. Oh well, 6+ years is a good run for a computer, though (iMac mid-2010 bought in 2011 unknowingly before the mid-2011 came out - which is when I joined Appleinsider, so as to avoid such stuff-ups in the future...).