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  • iOS 17.4 beta has signs of an AI-improved Siri ahead of WWDC 2024

    I hope that this will improve the accuracy of Siri’s responses, although I won’t be holding my breath. We’re already getting a few Siri queries when we’ve said something that was interpretable by Siri as ‘Siri’ after the new ‘standalone’ word reaction was released in iOS 17. I’m not sure how much AI implementation is going to sort that out. Getting Siri do actually do the simple things on the phone that I ask it to would be nice. Maybe I mumble too much…
  • Apple quietly kills off Siri-only Apple Music Voice Plan

    The what? Never heard of it.
  • M2 MacBook Pro vs M3 MacBook Pro -- specs, features compared

    I would have thought that hardware ray tracing - gone on about at length with the iPhone 15 Pro range’s A17 Pro SoC - would have had more coverage in an article which compares the M2 and M3 (in the context of the devices, of course). Hopefully AI will give more insight into this in a future article, rather than mentioning it pretty much as an also-ran at the end of a section.
  • 'Scary Fast' iMac with M3 is here with few external changes

    And…back to waiting. Probably not for a spec-ed up iMac, but an M3 Pro Mac Mini - and a decent 27” monitor. March or April 2024?
  • Apple promises 'scary fast' Mac announcement the night of October 30

    eightzero said:
    eightzero said:

    What I was trying to write, and didn't, was for a desktop experience, maybe we are at a stage where a MacBook (yes thats a mac and my bad for being particularly bad about implying otherwise) can feed a nice desktop sized display...or maybe a iPad or even iPhone will do that. I'm reminded of my very first Mac, the PowerBook Duo 230 with a docking station. But still...the macOS (and iOS and PadOS) need help being much simpler. I think that was what I was trying to express, but didn't.
    What on earth are you talking about? Are you somehow unaware you can use a desktop display with a MacBook or iPad, and now the iPhone with USB-C?

    What do you mean they "need help being much simpler"? For whom? I don't see many people struggling to use these devices, do you?

    God help you if you put an iPad in their hand, and they erroneously make a hand gesture that makes things "disappear" or "vanish off the screen." I opened someone's browser they had been using on an iPad, and it had dozens of tabbed windows,,,because they had no idea how to close or use them. Yes, they lack knowledge. But they just wanted to read a news article, not learn the intricacies of how to run a display. Yes, maybe tech is not for them, but the alternatives just aren't there for many people. 
    Well, I’m an experienced computer, iphone and ipad user, and the touch-screen iPhone and iPad gesture booby traps DRIVE ME UP THE FLAMING WALL. Especially as you can’t turn them off AND they seem to be very sparsely documented. I’ve looked. And as for text handling on the touch interfaces, what a dog’s breakfast that’s become, and I’m being unkind to dogs. If I never had to encounter another touch-screen gesture ever again it would be too soon. So I’m with you there, Eightzero (not so much on the Mac issue though).