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  • Apple creates Memoji tribute to US Women's World Cup victory

    anome said:

    ... Yes, the women should make the same amount as the men, but the men are probably making too much, so maybe you should look at lowering their pay to at least meet the women in the middle.

    One form of sexism which seems to elude people nowadays is that using sex to determine pay is sexism in all cases. That seems obvious but the obvious is slipping under people’s noses as they attempt to be politically correct.

    Maria Sharapova praised equal pay for women at a US Open final years ago. However, by design, women are required to play about 40% less games than men (best of 5 sets for men vs. best of 3 sets for women). So ‘equal’ pay for women actually meant equal pay for less work. That’s not equality. That is sexism because it was sex which determined pay and not work and skill. (Not to mention that they’re not as popular with viewers either.)

    Obviously the US women’s soccer team is more successful than the men’s team, but it’s also extremely unlikely they’d have any chance at beating the men’s team. Men are generally much better at sports which benefit from strength and speed. It’s inescapable biology, and people enjoy seeing humanity pushed to the physical limits. Women’s sports can be enjoyable but they’re not usually at the same level as mens, and that’s good. If they ever become at the same level it means we went horribly wrong in our culture.

  • HP, Microsoft, Google follow Apple in planning China production cuts

    Becoming reliant on manufacturing in a repressive Communist country that is our #1 geopolitical rival ... 
    Shifting away from Chinese dependence was inevitable and is overdue.
    +1. This isn’t about cheap quality labour. Trump is simply the first person bold enough to actually do what everyone knows needs to be done but are too cowardice to do it.
  • Apple CEO Tim Cook rips into 'absurd' Wall Street Journal report on Jony Ive's departure

    Yes, because the major news outlets never run news that is deliberately misleading or absurdly biased...
  • Japan imposes new trade restrictions on Apple's Korean suppliers

    Our societies have such a destructively entitled and blame-shifting attitude. We need to relearn genuine forgiveness, especially when it applies to actions by previous generations. Nowadays people can’t even have ever said something remotely politically incorrect in their lifetime, otherwise it’ll be dug up and they’ll be ridiculed and attempts to ruin their life will ensue by the ‘tolerant’ left.
  • Apple says Trump tariffs would 'tilt the playing field' in favor of competitors

    Meaningful change requires sacrifice....

    What Trump is trying to fix is a good thing. He understands that making sacrifices, sometimes significant sacrifices, to accomplish good things is the most effective path. But we as a culture are too selfish to tolerate it.

    Look at Jobs. He was a perfect example of sacrifice and hacking things off aggressively in order to push forward. And he was ridiculed for it, because we as a society hate change and loss.

    Just sit tight. Trump is an effective businessman whether you like him or not. He may sometimes fail, but chances are he won’t. And if he doesn’t, then we’ll be in a better position as a country. Despite what the media and left likes to deceive the nation about Trump, he’s accomplished some extremely good things that other presidents have been too weak to do.
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