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  • Google suspends Huawei's Android license, forces switch to open-source version

    Very nice. Although not intended, even a small dent in a ‘global economy’ is a good thing. The world cannot all get along no matter how good the intentions are, and the larger the groups of diverse people equally governed the less likely they will be to agree and get along. Discrimination, persecution, division, and totalitarianism will be necessary to manage a globally oriented population. Ironically, the result of a global economy will be exactly the opposite of what is hoped for.
  • 'Over the Rainbow' composer's estate sues Apple & others over 'pirated' music sales

    Sounds good to me. With new technology and new distribution there comes new responsibilities. Partially because in every possible way and in nearly every situation people will exploit the ‘system’ without regard for others. If things are difficult to keep track of then resources need to be properly allocated to develop a sufficient vetting method—if that can’t be accomplished then the business has no business being in business.
  • Apple insists App Store 'not a monopoly,' expects to win in court

    ralphie said:
    You just proved the whole case. You have a choice of Walmart or Costco, etc. with iOS the developer has NO choice.
    Apple isn’t trying to eliminate competition or even (directly) remove choice. Are you perhaps too young to remember that Apple didn’t even want to provide developers with a means to develop apps for the iPhone initially?

    That was for security reasons, and that’s the primary reason the App Store is the only means of app distribution.

    Some of the people who are fighting Apple’s approach maybe believe they have a noble cause, but all that will happen if they’re successful is to weaken the security of users’ devices and hurt Apple’s image (as nefarious apps end up on unsuspecting users’ devices). And Apple should make their devices less secure so that a small percentage of users can save a few dollars? How asinine.

    Apps are so cheap, thanks to Apple. Or are you also too young to know how much software used to cost before the App Store?
  • Editorial: Can Apple News+ kill 'fake news' and save journalism?

    Fake news? It astounds me that people blind themselves to fake story after story being published by top news agencies. I can’t even remember the last time I read an objective news story about an important cultural issue. 

    For instance, we’ve been hearing about Trump’s ‘collision’ presented as if it were fact by major news outlets, for years.

    Further, if some evil people in Russia went to gatherings of homosexuals and killed them simply because they were gay we’d be continuously hearing and reading about it as if it were the worst and most significant thing that has happened. However, when the same thing happened to Christians we have ‘leaders’ not even willing to identify them as Christians. Censoring news because it doesn’t fit a cultural agenda is also fake news.

    We live in a country where fake news is the majority of news presented to us.
  • Massachusetts judge granted warrant to unlock suspects iPhone with Touch ID

    The depressing thing about this is not whether law enforcement can insist someone unlock their phone with biometrics, but rather that the spirit of the 5th amendment is not on the mind of anyone who supports forced unlocking with biometrics. If a passcode is protected then biometrics, just another version of a passcode, should be protected. It’s taking advantage of a ‘loophole’ that exists simply because those responsible for the 5th amendment had no way to anticipate biometrics.

    This kind of approach to law, however well meaning the supporters may be, is what is eroding our country—the arrogance that we know better than our founders while we’re standing on the success they built... not realising that things are different now only because we’ve been slowly abandoning what they built in the name of ‘progress’.