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  • Massachusetts judge granted warrant to unlock suspects iPhone with Touch ID

    The depressing thing about this is not whether law enforcement can insist someone unlock their phone with biometrics, but rather that the spirit of the 5th amendment is not on the mind of anyone who supports forced unlocking with biometrics. If a passcode is protected then biometrics, just another version of a passcode, should be protected. It’s taking advantage of a ‘loophole’ that exists simply because those responsible for the 5th amendment had no way to anticipate biometrics.

    This kind of approach to law, however well meaning the supporters may be, is what is eroding our country—the arrogance that we know better than our founders while we’re standing on the success they built... not realising that things are different now only because we’ve been slowly abandoning what they built in the name of ‘progress’.
  • Editorial: Intel CPU constraints are sign on the road to ARM chips in the Mac

    deminsd said:
    Everyone blaming Intel, yet it's Apple that insists on paper thin, fan-less laptop designs that defy physics on keeping them cool.  The rest of us (Windows users) enjoy the latest and greatest chips and hardware and increasing performance with 8th and 9th gen chips.  I'm fine with fans.  They come on when needed, and are silent otherwise.  I also like having the ability to remove a few screws and change / add more larger SSD's or memory. 

    10nm will be nice when it arrives, but I don't see it being Intel's fault that Apple cannot move forward in performance.
    The MacBookPro’s have rather nice fans...

    There are certainly advantages to the Windows market of computers, but the reality is that relatively few actually capitalise on upgradeability and it’s likely Apple decided to use their hardware design prowess to implement other nice features in light of the fact that most potential buyers won’t upgrade their Macbook’s anyway.
  • Editorial: If Apple wants to get serious with Apple TV+, shedding the 'clean' image would ...

    mulrich said:
    There’s plenty of explicit content available across other platforms. I’m glad Apple is choosing a different path and appreciate their efforts to produce cleaner content. 
    Seconded. There is already a saturation of TV content containing varying degrees of sex and violence. We’re not missing out... 

    There’s also no need for people to be naive and think sex and violence are ‘necessary’ to tell a story. Rarely is that ever the case, and rarely does a story even benefit from them. It’s simply a case that people want to see the sex and violence but want to feel more dignified or see more substantial content than if they were watching porn or some cheap fighting movie.
  • Apple amping up purges of apps that are similar to iOS 12 Screen Time

    Once again people seem completely ignorant of one of Apple’s most important reasons for success. Apple wants to control the user experience because they feel they know best. This has served them extremely well.

    It’s unlikely that Apple cares very much that apps compete with their own. What they do care about is how those apps affect the user experience of their product. If there are apps which appear to confuse the built-in function then of course they’re not going to be happy with it.

    Sometimes this approach hurts other developers, but it’s not a desire to dominate anything but the user experience.

    Apple’s user experience, while not perfect, is better than others. And if 3rd party developers could do whatever they wanted the user experience would overall be worsened.
  • Apple proposes simplified location detection using tiny gas sensors in iPhones

    tundraboy said:
    No farting incognito anymore.
    I wonder if the sensors will get confused if it senses your farts at a new location. Will it suddenly think you’re back in your bedroom?