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  • Editorial: Steve Jobs would have been proud of Tim Cook's Apple News & Apple TV event

    The stridency of Apple's critics is getting ever louder and more shrill...”

    It’s been astounding to me how biased the media can become against Apple. It’s even more astounding that we, as Apple supporters, see this and get frustrated about it but somehow don’t see the media also doing the exact same thing toward our current administration (and about 100X worse). The most astounding thing of it all is how we as people dismiss the obvious, sometimes in the face of mountains of opposing evidence, and simply believe what we want to believe. I’d like to think Apple supporters know this so well and can see it happening, but it doesn’t appear that’s the case.
  • Comparing AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, & Verizon's unlimited wireless plans for iPhone in 2019

    “...While Sprint and T-Mobile tend to fare very well in urban areas, neither is great in rural locales, making AT&T and Verizon better bets for those who travel and need coverage everywhere.”

    That statement seems to be more a relic of past reputations. From what I recall, the most recent OpenSignal report rated T-Mobile basically equal to Verizon in coverage. Anecdotally, there are times when my Verizon friends have better coverage than me with T-Mobile and times I have better coverage, rural or urban.
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  • AT&T's '5G E' network not faster than 4G on T-Mobile & Verizon

    “...has even been sold as essential to technologies like 4K streaming...”

    Is 4K streaming even useful? Maybe if 5G replaces cabled residential connections that could be very useful at some point in the future, but 4k on a mobile device seems like a waste of bandwidth.
  • CorelDRAW returns to Mac with upgraded vector tools, Touch Bar support & more

    Interesting how people are criticising it before even really seeing it, let alone actually using it...

    On a serious note, it’s really nice to see a company offer software with a one time purchase. Like how it should be. Even if it is rather expensive.

    Encouraging subscriptions is something I feel that Apple has gotten terribly wrong. Take it to the next step and we’ll be buying subscriptions to keep using our iPhones and Macs and TVs by holding the software that runs them hostage to a subscription charge. Doing that with apps is barely any different, considering we rely on apps to make our hardware useful.
  • Elizabeth Warren confirms Apple is on her big tech breakup list

    Our government increasingly believes that the best way to change things is to make more laws. But laws don’t change people.

    We as a culture hope that if we get our way established in law that everything will be good. But we can be assured if the either ‘side’ gets their way in full that there will be another civil war. No one wants to live with another’s approach to life because we no longer have a central approach to morality—like it or not, the morality of Christianity has been a unifying element in American culture, even for those who don’t believe it, and that unity is what made America so strong. The left has nothing to replace it on a practical level despite how much they want to think they have the platform of love, so we’re simply sowing seeds of division and anger.