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  • Norton Password Manager hacked, warning users about breaches

    Last month we switched from LastPass to 1Password after the LastPass hack. We (my wife and I) spent 3 miserable days changing all of our passwords. What a mess! Government and insurance company sites are the worst for changing passwords - almost impossible without a lot of clicking around and phone calls. 1Password seems to work great though we are still having occasional glitches with cloud passwords at Apple and 1Password. I wish the world would totally implement the Passkey system so passwords become history.
  • ESR HaloLock car charger with CryoBoost Review: MagSafe-compatible with active cooling

    I have been using the original charger on a Garmin ball mount on top of a Garmin weighted pillow. In our Silverado, the vent fins run up and down and have very little room for a full-size 12 Max Pro iPhone. It works great on its side on the pillow for Maps, but the sun through the windshield has shut it down a few times. Will the fan on the new version work to cool the phone adequately when not pulling A/C air directly out of a vent such as sitting on the dash? 
  • Environmental Progress Report highlights Apple's ongoing commitment to renewable energy

    PLEASE! No more ass-ugly giant white monoliths across our natural scenes! If Apple is truly going no-carbon (of course it uses a lot of carbon to make no-carbon production devices), please stick with solar, hydro, and nuclear. So many of our beautiful western vistas are now destroyed by the need of Seattle and the I-5 Corridor down through California to have windmills to make their power (especially when we have a surplus already of hydro and nuclear).
  • Future iPhones may act as emergency beacons even without cell service

    I really hope it can broadcast to something, somewhere where I hunt. There is no cell service with lots of valleys and canyons. About the only way the signal would be seen is if it has some sort of satellite connection. Maybe these new mini sats Amazon, SpaceX and and others are sending up would be the hookup?
  • Wish List: 7 new features we'd like to see in a new 'Apple Watch Series 4'

    A pride band? Really? Go buy one on eBay. How about a heart rate monitor that is actually consistent and accurate? I paid $400 to get rid of a chest strap in buying a Series 2. I have been absolutely unable to get it to measure a whole run or rapid change of HR during any exercise event. So, now I'm wearing a chest strap again, only now with a $400 watch instead of a $50 one. Apple was unable to figure it out and we tried everything.