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  • The Smartphone Endgame: Who wins once shipment volumes peak?

    saltyzip said:
    Lets get to the point, Apple can't keep making this ludicrous profit on its iPhones for ever, so what is the trigger point to the start of the inevitable decline?

    This article knocks android smartphone manufacturers for making just a couple of billion in profit. That is still bloody good business compared to my annual salary, if you compare it to Apples obscene profit it looks minute, but they aren't the ones being greedy and making stupid profit margins.

    Apple is trying desperately to keep punters upgrading their phones each year or two, ensuring newer models are more expensive, plus expanding the ecosystem for lock in.  They are introducing finance deals soon so I hear to encourage more people to part with more of their hard earned cash over a an easy payment period. Morally this isn't great but will help keep those premium sales and therefore easy money coming in.

    The problem for apple is the best of android and the best of apple are virtually on par with each other. 

    The core functions of a smartphone which most people use are already nailed. People won't keep paying thousands of dollars for a phone, it's chucking money down the drain.

    The same thing happened to PCs, people didn't need more and more power, they were happy with what they had.

    I think if you gave the best budget android phone to apple users they'd be surprised how good they actually are, with exception of the camera and iMessage withdrawals. 

    Yes you can buy expensive cars and expensive house phones, but most people buy what is best bang for buck and that's why android rules on the numbers. Android is in your TVs, it will be in your fridges, in your cars, your scooters, your washing machines, house alarms etc and this is where apple won't be able to compete, due to its closed nature, it relies on others to support its products with a cost to certify them. This is where the number of devices count in the long term, not how much apple stores in its money vault each quarter now, it's how windows became the OS of choice and the PC became the hardware of choice to run it. It's a marathon not a sprint and I think that's where Apples business model which is just really the iphone will come unstuck.

    Apples good times will not last, they can't stop the inevitability that the iPhone will cease to be a cash cow for them in the not too distant future.
    Behold, the future of Android — house alarms!

    Cool story bro. 

    It amazes me that people like you forget Apple has been doing this for over 40 freakin years, the entire time people saying their doom is just around the corner. 
  • Tim Cook publicly commemorates the 63rd birthday of Steve Jobs with a Tweet

    entropys said:
    A “commemoration” is a tweet? 

    Society is doomed.


    “recall and show respect for (someone or something)”

    But I get it: must...crap...on Apple...
  • Apple to move Chinese iCloud keys to China servers, opens door to government data requests...

    If Apple didn’t make such a bid deal about privacy and human rights then maybe people wouldn’t care.
    Why do you have such a problem with Apple standing up for human rights? As I recall from prior discussions it seems the gay rights thing really gets to some people. How odd.

    You can't win them all -- especially in a totalitarian communist state like China. But that sure as hell doesnt mean they shouldn't try right here at home, where we have the freedom to make a difference.
  • Apple to move Chinese iCloud keys to China servers, opens door to government data requests...

    gatorguy said:
    foggyhill said:
    optik said:
     I think we’re going to enter the spin zone.
    The one were the Chinese users and Apple have to follow Chinese laws, unless Apple becomes a foreign power, there is nothing else to do here.
    And yes, in the US, the government can ask the same, that's why Apple is trying to move away from actually owning those encryption keys even for Icloud storage although they do have to "know" some of the metadata cause well, Apple knows who you are obviously. So, they could match a origin apple ID with a destination one and yet not know or be able to retrieve the content of the message.
    It doesn't make Apple evil, immoral or anything of that sort. They're a business. They chase PROFIT! just like other companies do. Corporate declarations, events organized by public relations, statements of principal and the like are all coordinated and crafted to support PROFIT!

    Like any other company Apple too will modify policies and procedures if they negatively affect revenues. That's business and why Apple exists: To make the greatest amount of profit they can. "Making the world a better place" is along for the ride and helps Apple market their products, framing their public persona quite nicely in giving buyers a social reason on top of a hardware one for Apple products to be worth a premium. If there comes a time it does not they'll modify as needed. Standing up for customer privacy goes only so far and is not what drives Apple to do what they do. 
    While profit is the air corporations breath, it's Apple is not 100% driven by "PROFIT!" alone. They engage in many decisions at the expense of profit, including their industry-leading accessibility and environmental initiatives. Famously Cook told off a shareholder who asked him to focus only on profit:

    "Tim Cook Erupts After Shareholder Asks Him To Focus Only On Profit"

    "When we work on making our devices accessible by the blind," he said, "I don't consider the bloody ROI." He said that the same thing [applies] about environmental issues, worker safety, and other areas where Apple is a leader. no, their "making the world a better place" is not just marketing fluff, it's a core value held by the company. It's real, unlike Google's "Don't be evil" weasel words. 
  • Apple to move Chinese iCloud keys to China servers, opens door to government data requests...

    saltyzip said:
    As only the well to do people in China have iPhones this could be a nice cherry picking exercise for the Chinese government to take advantage of. If US government wants to ban Huawei electronics from operating in the US, why doesn't China threaten to ban Apple from its own country, seems only fair?
    The heads of the US intelligence agencies said they have reason to believe Huawei is shady. Nobody can say that about Apple. 

    Now you can doubt the US intelligence agencies when they say they have reasons to believe it -- but then you must also doubt them when they say the same about Russian meddling in the election. As normal citizens we'll likely never see the evidence in either.