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  • Apple's AirPods fail to earn Consumer Reports recommendation, beaten by Samsung's Galaxy B...

    This has been a while, though I've found something interesting, Samsung got some of the best people in the audio industry on-board when creating the Galaxy Buds.


    Sean Olive is the top figure of Psychoacoustics which he leads the creation of the Harman Target Curve, so far the best sounding reference for earbuds.

    If you look at some of Samsung's recent products, their integrated speakers are roughly as capable as Apple's counterpart: Galaxy Tab S5e/S6 compared to iPad Pro, Galaxy Note 10 to iPhone 11s, even Galaxy Home to HomePod, though I have wait to see how the Galaxy Book S performed.  It is pretty clear they bought the team to went head-to-head with Apple, which was one of the biggest advantages Apple enjoyed for years.

    I'm not sure how AirPods will compete with the Buds as they're not made to be fully in-ear, which is why "Audiophile" b------ so much, but definitely not the best shape for the acoustics.  That doesn't mean, however, that it won't sound well, but certainly no match for the best.  The battery life simply about makes it bigger, which they're not going for anyway.
  • What to expect at Apple's new iPhone 11 event today - and what not to

    Soli said:
    iPhone Pro sounds so stupid for a casual mass consumer product. Pro makes sense for Macs and work/media creation devices. It's what makes the iPad so beautiful. It's casual AND a workhorse for industrial/media applications.

    All I care about is the date since rumors ruin the surprise.

    Also PLEASE a new Apple TV with A12x to welcome Apple Arcade.
    1) Macs are mass produced consumer devices.

    2) Casual is a ridiculously limited view of what a smartphone can do and what it's used for.

    3) I couldn't give a shit what a product is called so long as it has the features I want and need at a price point I find agreeable. They can call it the iPhone Pro Mate S10 Galaxy poop:emoji for all I care.
    Can't do both with iPhone...... nor would I want to.
    That's the problem.
  • Apple may not use mechanical switches in a future MacBook keyboard at all

    Reminds me of those optical switches used in some keyboards, this concept may be possible to go mass-production.

  • Intel intros 'Ice Lake' 10th-generation Core processors, possibly for MacBook rebirth

    AMD just released their 12- and 16-core processors on their “mainstream” platforms, I heard they’re throwing 64 cores for HEDTs.  Unfortunately they aren’t good at the mobile technology, thus only offering quad-core for laptops.

    It’s awkward for laptops, while AMD have no adequate mobile technologies, Intel is falling behind in core counts.  You’re stuck either way.  Thus, I think moving to ARM is the best hope for the Mac notebooks, skip the last x86 Macs, especially laptops, if you can.

    Also, Intel is measuring TDP at their base frequencies, which means 9 Watts maximum for core m’s - at 1.0GHz, probably not including AVX.
  • Hands on: Apple's new 13-inch MacBook Pro has a lot of bang for the buck

    not_anton said:
    I really fail to understand people who complain about specs of the base model. Macbook has 1.5TB SSD and 16GB RAM if you need it. Not enough? A 15” gets you 32GB RAM and 4TB SSD. I bought a 2016 15” with 1TB storage cause 512GB would force me to use external disks and 2TB would be an unused expensive dead space. Now it totally fills my needs. What is the reason you cannot do the same?

    Base model is for those who come to the shop and buy “one Apple laptop please”. The specs are completely adequate for them.
    Dell sold their XPS13 at 830 with 4GiB, i3-U and 128GB storage.

    Didn’t stop those analysts to praise its “functionality, durability, expandability, repairability, and upgreadeability.”