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  • Apple may switch butterfly keyboard for scissor version in MacBook Air

    majorsl said:
    Hopefully they also put back in MagSafe and an escape key 
    Agreed, I miss the MagSafe but am now liking the additional(?) TB3/USB-C port.  I think Apple did the right thing by going to that standard.  There are USB-C "MagSafe" adapters that have pretty good reviews.  I waffle between buying one and then deciding I don't need it.  If Apple did something like a recessed USB-C/MageSafe adapter so it would be flush, that would be interesting, but I doubt that'll happen.


    What’s the problem for that?  It’s small, reversible and don’t take the bandwidth.  MagSafe is proprietary, clunky in comparison, and isn’t that reliable too.
  • Apple's unreleased 'A2159' MacBook Pro model approved by US FCC

    Where’s ARM?
  • Apple debuts new $5999 Mac Pro with up to 28-core Xeon processors

    melgross said:
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    davgreg said:
    melgross said:

    so who is a pro? Anyone who makes the majority of their income doing whatever it is in their field that they do. If you’re an event photographer, you definitely don’t need this. But if you’re shooting high end fashion, you probably do, if you’re successful at it.
    No. A professional is someone trained in a structured formal educational program, with a license, an ethics code and a continuing education program requirement.

    A lawyer is a Pro, a doctor is a Pro, an engineer is a Pro. A video editor, compositor or composer is not.

    I think you confuse enterprise, pro and high spec.
    You don’t know what the word pro means. A pro can be a photographer, a videographer, a graphics designer, etc. you have a limited understanding of it.
    Are we arguing about definitions now...  I think the term "pro" just means it's a higher-end product, as well as taking productivity into accounts.  You can still use a regular iPad or MacBooks to create things too, so why going polarized?
    When someone says that the only “pros” are doctors, lawyers, etc. that’s wrong. I think most would agree with me on that.
    Agreed, but I think we shouldn't focus too much on it, nowadays people use the term "pro" mainly to oppose each other.

    dysamoria said:
    As for this computer... it looks neat, but Apple has quite clearly dropped me from consideration as a customer. Nothing they sell fits what I need. I can not afford to replace a computer every three years. I’ve been waiting for something worth spending a lot of money on and keeping for ten years. Ha ha ha ha ha...

    It’s either too expensive and disposable / suicidal under heavy use, or its build is thermally sensible but so insanely expensive that I could never own one. There’s no dog-damned middle ground anymore.

    They’ve also priced out a friend of mine, who’s a student and hobby musician with very little income. She’s been considering abandoning Logic and music-making specifically because she feels she can only afford to buy a Chrome Book to replace her very worn 2010 MacBook Pro, as the current Mac lineup is both ridiculously expensive and getting worse lifetime satisfaction ratings as the years go by.

    People like us used to be happy to spend more to get a better made and longer-lived computer or phone/tablet from Apple, with a better OS than frelling Windows. With the proliferation of bugs in iOS, the continually rising base prices on hardware, the continued pathological obsession with thinness, and this new schizophrenic design ideology that is either disposability and lowest common denominator usage scenarios OR insanely priced for reasonable design... Apple is, as a corporate culture, egregiously out of touch.

    This is like some kind of weird gentrification project, not a “best computer for everyone” mission.

    The last Mac I bought was a used 2011 12,2 iMac because that’s all I could afford. I regret wasting the money on that PITA design. It’s looking lIke it’ll be the LAST computer I will ever buy. No way in hell will I go back to PCs, but Apple has clearly decided I’m an irrelevant market.

    Time to give up entirely on computing. Screw it. Hobby or career, computers have not made me an income for years and not provided a drop of personal satisfaction. They just waste my time and my nearly-nonexistent money. No more music or photography as a hobby. No more productive hobbies at all. No more gaming either, because I will NOT buy a dog-damned PC.

    I’ve been a computer tech person since age 12. I’ve worked in the business for most of my working life. Result? I hate computers. I *despise* computers. I can’t stand computer geeks, jerkass techs, and apologists (including the privileged cultists on this forum who can’t stand a bit of rational discourse without acting like ego-bruised know-it-all children, who are happy to smear and marginalize anyone less well off than them).

    For a moment, between 2007 and 2012, Apple kicked the computer industry’s ass into gear. That was the time when Apple actually saved computing, in my eyes. Made it what it should be. Actual superior product to compete against and challenge the unbeatable status quo. They gave us true pocket computers, high-PPI displays, stable & intuitive operating systems, long-lived computers with solid design... It was no longer a “this is the way it’s always been and always will be” pile of abuse and excuses.

    Now we’re back to the same mess of laissez-faire capitalism, inconsistency, unreliability, and “priced out of access” that it was before. “Less bad than PC” isn’t a good enough status.

    Screw it all.
    Amen, I agree. I bought a Dell precision m3420 SFF workstation for $500 + $800 1TB SSD a couple years ago - it's all we really want. I use win 10 for some jobs - it's not that bad and has been rock stable for me and my clients. Just go to the dark side - Apple has been too frustrating under Cook - short sighted decisions one after another. I'm slowly making the switch. My next job will likely be 100% PC and just do business paperwork/photo stuff on my macs mostly because I have an old copy of adobe creative suite 3 that still works well enough even with Mojave (not going subscription thankyou). I also have a Microsoft surface laptop i7. It's great - the only thing worse then Apple's offerings is the trackpad, but the keyboard and surface magnetic dock are miles ahead. 
    I see what you want, but Apple had never built such things when Jobs was in charge, blaming Cook being greedy and short-sighted is just a false accusation.
  • Apple's new Mac Pro internal components - answers and lingering questions [u]

    karmadave said:
    - Limited to AMD graphics (and only 2 x GPU's). Nvidia is the leader in high-end GPU's and I'm surprised Apple doesn't support ANY of their products on this platform. Maybe that's coming in the future? This must have been a topic at WWDC... 
    Did you mean "two graphics card" instead of "two GPUs"?  I never saw any graphics card with more than two GPUs.
    - Limited to 2 internal drive bays. Kind of a head scratcher. Most high end professional workstations offer up to 8 (or more) internal drives + RAID.
    That's what RAID cards for, isn't it?  Even a 4x slot will be adequate for 8 drives (at least bandwidth wise).
    Apple's new 6K XDR monitor is cool, but you can buy an 8K XDR monitor, for around $3,500, while Apple's 6K monitor starts at $5,000.
    I only knew 8K HDR as prototypes, and all having issues with bandwidth.  Rest of the 8K monitors doesn't offer HDR were because of that.
  • iPhone 7 'Loop Disease' audio chip issue targeted in class action complaint

    It looks like the "Loop Disease" is broken trace on the board, so that's why people solder a small wire, whereas "Touch Disease" is because of loose connection.  The case is not exactly the same.

    Loop Disease:

    Touch Disease: