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  • Video: Changes to the MacBook Pro we want Apple to make

    Looks like Touch bar can still be handy for someone that never used it in productivity apps:


    Adding that with haptic feedbacks sounds like an interesting way to utilize it.
  • MacBook & iPad Pro updates might not make it to WWDC

  • Benchmarks hint at MacBook Pro with Intel's powerful six-core Core i7-8750H

    I guess they finally understand that Intel were just as slow as their current speed of refresh...  Their 10nm were way too ambitious, which is why they just keep optimizing the 14nm ever and ever.  Then again, 14nm have its limit, and every new processors are just getting hotter and hotter.  Their microarchitecture haven't change since Skylake either because the same reason (Skylake, Kaby Lake, Coffee Lake, (and refresh?), Cannonlake), making it the longest cycle in their history.
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  • Video: Changes to the MacBook Pro we want Apple to make

    cgWerks said:
    DuhSesame said:
    Well that’s the kind of thing for xfce.  I’m running Linux Lite on my old laptop and is virtually no lag.  I customized the xfce to be more like a Mac rather than Windows (which having a global menu, put window buttons on the left, having the main menu on the top-left), but it’s complet up to what the user want it to be.

    You still have to type a lot shell commands when necessary though, but as long you’re getting used to it, it’s pretty efficient.  Wine (the program that run Windows applications) works better than my Mac.
    Yeah, though the UIs (Mac & Windows) are a lot deeper than a customizable shell that makes them look similar, or have things in a similar place. I'd have to try it out, but it has always been a bit to raw rather quickly for me, even at the OS level before getting into the apps. But, yes, if you get good with shell commands, it's certainly powerful.

    re: Wine... do you mean it runs Windows apps better than using something like BootCamp or Parallels on Mac?
    In other words, you run Linux, but then mostly use Windows apps?
    I found myself using Windows apps for sometimes, mostly games, and other that I can’t find a good alternative.
  • 2016 MacBook Pro butterfly keyboards failing twice as frequently as older models

    I’d think that butterfly mechanism will lasts longer than those previous generations, giving that the rubbers aging quicker than stainless steels.  

    That said, there are switches that’s more complex than the butterfly, yet they still lasts very long if you can take care of them, so I guess it’s primarily the production quality that kills it, not so much on the design.