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  • Apple wants you to be able to use your iPhone better underwater

    Oh what I would give to be able to navigate my phone / watch with actual physical buttons. It would make my device interactions so much more targeted and purposeful.

    it would also mitigate the phone / watch becoming almost unusable when the screen has the slightest film of moisture on it. Even a sweaty sleeve makes my Apple Watch behave frustratingly unpredictably.
  • Garmin challenges the Apple Watch Ultra with new smartwatches

    I have an AWU - I chose it over my normal aluminium base model update as I hike and snowshoe a lot.

    I sold my Garmin GPSMAP66 handheld for funds to go toward the AWU purchase.

    I kind of wish I’d kept the Garmin. I’ve found the AWU is a really good Apple Watch, but a just-average tool for navigating and gathering stats for long trips.

    Apple really is not the “standard-bearer” in this category at all: navigation options rely on third-party apps and internet connections, battery life is still lousy compared with Garmins, and I can’t wear it over my hard shell jacket without turning off wrist protection, which exposes my data to anyone who happens to get access to the watch.

    It just isn’t there yet at all for what it has been marketed as.
  • Apple Music Classical begins rolling out to international users

    Actually the more I engage with the Apple Classical app the more it acts as a foil to the Music app. It's just light years better.

    The full titles and not truncating is the main difference. It's not limited by two lines as Apple Music is. I can see the full title of each song.

    Browse is also light years better. Objective breakdowns of Composers, Periods, Instruments (!) etc, rather than like in Apple Music, which is a presentation of genres and playlists I have no interest in (nor have any control over what is presented).
  • Apple Music Classical begins rolling out to international users

    You can’t download to listen offline.


    The app experience is great. Hopefully they adopt it for the Music app.
  • Compared: AirPods Max versus Sony WH-1000XM5

    What is the Sony Signature Sound?

    Beautifully lush and warm, yet at the same time detailed. Or to some, muddy and veiled. Depends who you ask. For me, I love it on their Signature Series (high-end gear). The bluetooth offerings (ie the XM4) are good for what they are, but can get muddy (ie hard to separate the frequencies).