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  • Siri accuracy dramatically improves in latest smart speaker showdown

    Glad to see Apple is improving Siri. I’d love to see her be able to answer several questions in a row, rather than having to say “hey Siri” for each one. She could ask, “anything else?” like the drive through lol, before she stops listening. That would keep privacy. 
  • Target may be ready to concede and enable Apple Pay at retail

    I much prefer Apple Pay over all the others, even their own cards. As roake said, we become the product with store cards as well as points cards. I like the privacy of using Apple Pay and will use it everywhere I can. I’ll go to stores that use it over those that don’t. 
    dipdog3 said:
    Their current painful solution, Walmart Pay, tries to offer convenience for using a debit card, which is not subject to the high prices of credit cards

    Your statement is wrong. You can use a credit card with Walmart Pay, do it all the time.

    It’s also not a “painful” solution. It’s somewhere in between using a physical credit card and Apple Pay.

    The biggest issue with Walmart Pay is that you have to open up the Walmart app & click on Walmart Pay to use it. Once you scan the QR code, it’s actually faster than Apple Pay. On the positive side, all of your receipts are stored in the app, so saves paper and makes for easy returns.
    Translation: they track all your perchases, no matter how personal.  Wal Mart is making you another product that they can sell.

    The clear advantage for Apple Pay for me is the privacy, including the tokenized card numbers so that The store doesn’t have them to lose, and they can track my purchase because they don’t know who they sold them to.  Almost like paying cash.

  • How to temporarily enable Do Not Disturb in iOS 12

    I also have a shortcut set up to engage Do Not Disturb Mode while at this location. It’s in my widgets so fast to get to, along with the other shortcuts. 
  • Teen intent to buy iPhone hits record 86 percent, Android wallows at 10 percent

    avon b7 said:
    It's weird that with all that intent, actual sales have been flat for three years now. 
    It’s not that weird. I know plenty of parents who take their kid’s “old” iPhone and let the kid upgrade. And since iPhones receive updates and stay functional for so long after the initial purchase that same phone is likely to get handed down again to another parent, younger sibling, grandparent etc. 

    Who expects the entire family to upgrade every year? It may happen but I bet it isn’t the norm. 
    Same in my family. My teenager upgraded (on my dime) to a XS and gave her 6S to my mother. I'm keeping my 8 Plus until next year. At that time I'm sure there will be a family member (maybe even my mother) who wants to upgrade and take my phone. 
  • FBI makes suspect unlock iPhone X in first confirmed instance of forced Face ID

    I hope the bastard gets worse than life. I support law enforcement gaining access to child abusers’ devices so they can put them away.