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  • Trump expects Apple to build manufacturing plant in Texas

    American taxpayers and military personnel bear the greatest burdens for keeping the world safe for commerce. If Apple accorded their humanity the respect they do green initiatives, then this would already be done, even if heavy with robotics.

    My money awaits a Designed in California/Made in the USA Mac Pro!
    Why not let China do the shitty jobs, like mass production in cityfactories, by people who were told by the government what trade to learn.

    Let the US do the things they are good at. Manufacturing isn’t one of those things.

    Why pay extra to let Americans do stuf they don’t like and are not good at?
  • Trump expects Apple to build manufacturing plant in Texas

    China took decades to make China a manufacturing powerhouse.
    They could do it because it is a totalitarian state.

    Manufacturing stuff in the U.S. is not the way to beat China.

    Attack your enemy where he is weak, not where he is strong.

  • European Union proposals could tax Apple and other tech giants between 2 percent and 6 per...

    Madrajin said:
    Much as a love Apple’s products, this type of tax avoidance is morally repugnant. A move to tax on revenue will fix this shenanigans. Large multinationals have got away with paying almost no corporation tax in the same markets that domestic companies have to pay full dues for years.
    I bet you don't voluntarily pay more than your tax authority tells you to.
    But you think Apple should.
  • French court denies Apple injunction against tax protests

    These protests are weird. Popular (/populist) sentiment is anti EU, because they impose all kinds of onerous rules and regulations on member states. But the EU ordering a sovereign member state how to do their taxes, something the EU officially has no say over, is fine.
  • Apple slams story of cash hidden in Jersey to reduce taxes, calls itself 'largest taxpayer...

    avon b7 said:

    avon b7 said:
    This is a damage control statement. The article by the BBC is a damning revelation that leaves Apple in a bad moral light.

    The questionnaire leak alone paints a picture which will make everyone in PR at Apple squirm.

    This is going to be like quicksand in the sense that any move to defend itself will probably make things worse. Just like this statement has done. I can see it being torn apart line by line for deliberately trying to distract from the reality that the leaks have put onto the table.

    What leaks?????  Apple's rebuttal specifically states that when the move the Jersey was made Apple notified Ireland, the EU and the US.  Seems to me that Apple's move was fully transparent and there was no attempt to hide its actions.
    The Paradise Papers.
    Isn't a leak supposed to be something that was secret?