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  • Foxconn profits ride high on iPhone X, dispelling worries about Apple's sales

    So, there is a belief aka a "worry" that people will not be willing to pay a high price for the iPhone X. Meanwhile, the reality as explained very clearly by Tim, is that the iPhone X has been selling well. Nevertheless, the internet is flooded with articles claiming that the iPhone X is a flop. What is one to do about this ridiculous situation? The answer: buy more Apple stock.

    You can't change the fact that people are irrational, so you might as well be opportunistic. That statement doesn't bring me joy but it can bring you a little additional wealth.
  • iTunes Store to stop working for first-gen Apple TV & older Windows PCs on May 25

    I hate having to discard a perfectly operational device into the landfill. That feels wrong. 
  • Interior Apple Park glass is so clear, distracted employees are walking into it

    I hope the people are okay!

    The new building is probably still under warranty/AppleCare so the geniuses can repair the cracked glass for $29. 
    king editor the gratetallest skil
  • Apple Watch holiday sales volume beat entire Swiss watch industry for first time

    I really appreciate the narrative that everything Apple does is a failure, because if you time it right, you can buy Apple stock on the cheap once the negative rumors circulate, the "supply side checks" are reported, and the analysts downgrades are reported. Kaching!
  • Another January, another misleading iPhone supply cuts story from Nikkei

    Analysts want to see Apple fail for a variety of reasons. They can make money in trading by driving down the stock before it eventually rebounds as it's done every single time for the last decade. They can make money online because negative news about Apple always gets lots of clicks. And many also just don't like Apple's success.

    As the article points out, this is a longtime thing. BusinessInsider ran articles on the "failure" of the iPhone 5 and 5C. Then came the "failed" iPhone 6 and 7. 

    I'm not arguing that sales won't go down periodically on a year over year basis. They will. Nothing and no one defies gravity. However, the overall story for Apple is extremely positive. Even within this overheating stock market, Apple has good fundamentals and bright prospects, with gradually diversifying products and a cr*p ton of money to weather any storm and invest in the next generations of products.

    I just think to be an Apple investor, you have to buy and hold patiently, while tuning out the noise of course, and focusing on the fundamentals. 

    The P/E is still under 19. Company is making money like nobody's business. Corporate taxes just went down. Repatriation money is coming home. Services business is growing. Customer-centric products. Huge fan base. World's most famous brand name. Etc.

    Is that a perfect story? No. Any company will eventually crash, as will any industrialized economy. But compared to other stocks? It's a hold not a sell. End of my rant.