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  • Apple's 'iPhone 8' may not use curved OLED due to production problems

    Just so everyone is clear, Apple never planned to put a curved display into an iPhone. Analysts idiotically thought they would and now they are trying to back out of that false claim so they don't look like morons and are never listened to again. 

    Apple would never ever put a curved display in an iPhone. Only because of physics though. Like oh, you know, the physics of light traveling through curved glass. That pesky thing known as refraction. Also that pesky thing known as reflection of ambient light off of the curved surface above the display. 
  • Wireless charging likely coming to Apple's 'iPhone 8,' but not Energous's long-range solut...

    I had to make an account just to post to this thread. 

    Firstly, the article states: 'One well-developed technology, Qi, utilizes one coil inside a compatible device phone needing rough alignment with a matching coil on a designated pad. The competing Airfuel specification supports a coil as well as magnetic resonance which does not need to be placed in the same proximity, or accuracy, as a device with a Qi coil.' 

    Maybe you guys should visit the Qi site and read '
    Qi encompasses the benefits of both inductive and resonant charging technologies in a versatile standard that eradicates dead battery. Because inductive and resonant technologies have unique use cases and benefits, Qi products are incorporating both to offer the innovative services and features in the most energy-efficient and cost-effective possible.'

    Qi is a standard for both inductive and resonance charging. Moreover, Apple joining Qi is highly likely to influence and get RF wireless charging standardized in the future. Therefore it is my belief that Apple joined Qi not to follow the leader, but to lead them to RF standardization, because Apple plans to use RF. 

    Now, in regards to all of you people posting comments like you have any idea what you're talking about in respect to the effects of this electromagnetic radiation on biochemistry, you don't. Who does know? Well the FCC has an idea based on all of the empirical evidence we have to date, and who knows about the FCC regulations and the physics? The scientists and engineers working at Energous, Dialog Semiconductor, and whomever their first-tier major consumer electronics liscensee is. So, let's leave thinking to the people that have business thinking about it,and by that I mean the people that know anything about it, instead of the people (all of you) who know absolutely nothing about it. As an analogy for you guys, would it be a good idea for NASA to ask you guys how we get to Mars? Yeah, I didn't think so. 

    Finally, I want to point out that this analyst is probably shorting energous' stock. Meaning that they borrowed a bunch of Energous shares at the current price, and sold them, and now they want the price to fall so they can repurchase the stocks at a lower price and pay them back to their loaner to make a profit. There is overwhelming evidence to suggest that Energous will receive FCC approval on the mid-range charging technology, AND that they are partnered with Apple. Dialog Semiconductor which is estimated to get 70-80% of its revenue from Apple, signed a contract and gave Energous $10 million. Dialog is an extremely large billion dollar company and you can bet that they did their due diligence before making a deal with Energous. It's highly possible that Apple specifically mediated the communication between Energous and Dialog to get that deal going, for the purpose of having the supply for Apple. We know Dialog did due diligence and we know Pegatron did, and IF Apple is the tier one partner then you can virtually guarantee that they all strongly believe that the FCC will approve the range charging, and it will come to Apple devices in late 2017.