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  • $1 billion Apple data center project in Athenry, Ireland cancelled

    I'm an Apple fanboy, but in this case I think I am on the side of the people opposing these data centers in Ireland. 

    Ireland and the UK where I am are very different from the US in terms of feasibility of renewable energy generation,  or indeed of Denmark. 

    US has far cheaper renewable resources based on lower cost land values and available power from sun in particular.   Denmark is a very bad comparison to Ireland because it has extremely cost efficient wind by virtue of it being able to use the Swedish hydro-electric system as a battery.  The excess wind energy is used to pump water 'uphill' into reservoirs and then uses the hydro system to re-generate,  the proximity of Denmark to the vast capacity of the Swedish hydro system is critical to this. Anyone who has watched the original 'The Bridge' knows just how close Denmark is to Sweden... 

    Often the details matter, and it does here. People in this part of the world often point at Denmark and say we should copy them, but our situation and that of Ireland is very different.  "I canna change the laws of physics captain!"
  • The 2019 Mac Pro will be what Apple wants it to be, and it won't, and shouldn't, make ever...

    I’d like the contents of an iMac pro, just in a box, so I could add the monitor I prefer for software development (a wide flat one).

    I’m glad Apple have shared their plans as I now know my only immediate option will be a hackintosh, so I can go ahead and build one of those. Not an ideal solution but looks like the only option that permits display selection.
  • Initial developer tests of ARKit 1.5 show off impressive vertical surface, image detection...

    Without onboard LIDAR, echolocation or some other means of pinging the surrounding environment or determining the scale of nearly featureless surroundings, A/R will continue to have difficulty determining z-scale information to place the viewer inside a properly scaled environment.
    Google's tango program used structured light, like the front facing camera on the iPhone X. 

    However ARKit works better than Tango with the rear camera  despite not having structured light showing just how very far you can go in deriving z-index information simply from VIO.  

    Yes, its true that with a completely featureless surface VIO will not work, but in reality such surfaces are not so common as to make AR useless as you suggest. 

    The power requirements and bulk of structured light, LIDAR etc. means that in the foreseeable future these will remain specialist tools (eg: for face detection as in the iPhone X) rather than general AR camera tools.  

    In the meantime VIO will just get better and better and once people have the glasses then there are some very useful general applications that will become possible. 
  • Writing tool Ulysses for macOS, iOS shifts to monthly $4.99 subscription model

    I was OK with this until I realised that they were enforcing the subscription for existing users.  I paid for both iOS and OSX apps last year.  Effectively that was a lot of money for a little over 1 year of use. 

    Complete rip off and I may complain to Apple over this as I believe this is not fair treatment of customers to remove all functionality. I call it blackmail. 

    Exported all my Ulysses content as .md docs today into iCloud folders.
    Installed MacDown (free) 
    Deleted Ulysses 
    One star review. 
    Now what's next?
  • As Apple invests heavily in AR, Microsoft plans 'mixed reality' support for Xbox, Windows

    I'll add, Microsoft are about 5 years early with this tech, but it suits them, they have a long term re-invention plan.

    All this stuff we see, including the Surface Studio is niche markets and low volume, but they are generating huge brand credibility and reputation through thus early marketing, thus will pay dividends for them if they can keep going long enough until the transition to pervasive computing based on MR becomes the norm, I think that's a decade out at least, unless Apple does what it did with iPhone sooner than that.
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