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  • Review: Lepow 15-inch portable monitor is highly movable extra screen space

    I actually bought this exact display last week. I find it to be sharp and reasonably vibrant. My one real complaint is that it resets to 50% brightness which I find frustrating, but for a portable second display it otherwise does its job well. I tend to use it outside (which is why I bought it for when I want to work from my deck) and when the sun is shining on it directly it’s not particularly bright (which is probably expected since it gets its power from my laptop’s USB port), not when there isn’t direct sun, it’s plenty bright.

    i find the Smart Cover style cover holds very well. In fact, its magnets are so strong that I find it difficult to open on the front without having to actually pull off the magnetic attachment on the back.

    Thanks.  I just bought one to use with my MBP15

  • Force Touch support to be dropped in watchOS 7

    I think this is a jerk move by Apple.  I was pissed when they removed 3D Touch capabilities frost worked in the iPhone XS, and I’m not happy about them removing it from the Apple Watch.  3D Touch was way more convenient to use than the long touch, and a lot faster.  Stripping 3D Touch functionality from any Iphone that updates the OS, so they could save money in materials costs in newer phones is crap! When the XS released, one of the value added features (reasons for the increased price) was 3D Touch.  The camera was also a value added feature.  Removing one of the value added features from any phone that updates the operating system Is in bad faith.  There should be compensation for the inconvenience 
  • Apple and Intel sue to stop 'serial nuisance suits'

    They birdied the lead.  This group is owned by SoftBank.  SoftBank is the company that pledged to invest 10 billion in US tech development.  They have their hands buried in tech and this screams ANTITRUST VIOLATION.  Let’s buy up all the patents we can to sue as many tech firms as possible, to get money from each item they produce.  I have a feeling SoftBank knows exactly what is going on.  This needs investigated thoroughly.  
  • USB 3.0 & USB 3.1 merger into USB 3.2 branding by overseers further confusing USB-C

    I’d hate to see what they named their kids.  Do they rename them I’d they had an unexpected third child?  If child 3 can run twice as fast as child two, but is the opposite gender, (child 2 a girl named Sally) do they rename Timmy (child 3) Sally x2?
  • Cambridge Analytica owners fined $27,000 for refusing US data request

    We should all request the same info from Cambridge Analytica.  If they don’t comply, make the same complaint.  If a company wants to make money off out info in a shady way, we can hit back.