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  • Apple's chips targeted in a new patent infringement suit

    There is nothing illegal with any company that "exhibits patent-troll like behaviour." Designating them with the demeaning word "trolls" shows bias. In a free market there are many speculative ways to make money, and obtaining patents and testing them in court is a legal and valid way to make money. Apple itself probably buys patents by buying companies that own patents, which is also a form of speculating in the patent trade. It's actually smart behaviour. I've never seen AppleInsider criticize Apple for buying companies with patents, for the patents. What's the difference? Why the double standard?

    When Apple bought 17,000 patents from Intel two years ago, AppleInsider didn't call Apple a "troll" but rather suggested it was smart of Apple to purchase them. <--

    Sounds like something that someone who either is involved in this kind of "work" or knows someone who is.  This is especially highlighted by the way you phrase apples purchase of Intel's modem unit as merely a patent purchase. Considering this acquisition was to improve their own efforts to actually design and produce their own modems, this is nothing like what patent trolls do. Are you in the legal field or politics? Patent trolls are parasites, plain and simple. 
  • Apple must face UK complaint that its App Store commission is unfair

    It's funny how apple's commission is the industry standard, yet, the ilk of Epic and I'm sure Samsung and other competitors are behind most of the push to make Apple charge less.  They were right when they said congress should have to wear fire suits like mascara drivers with all their "sponsors" listed on their suits. 
  • Attackers hit iOS and Android devices with spyware in Italy and Kazakhstan

    It's funny how The "geniuses" in congress and and EU keep trying to force apple to let alternative app stores and sideloading.  Crap like this shows another reason apple is right and they are just stages for the likes of Epic games, google, and bad actors. 
  • Google uses Drake's 'Texts Go Green' track to troll Apple

    Google is such a joke! Let's poke fun at the competitor for having had superior product for a long time, and try to get congress to force them to use our crap!  Trolls gonna troll
  • Apple could face $900 million 'Batterygate' suit in UK

    This is merely a money grab by the attorneys.  They will get around 30% of the settlement/judgement plus fees.  They get multi-millions while the clients will get a whopping $25.  All phones batteries wear down.  While their throttling was frustrating, and I did replace the battery because it was below 80% capacity, i replaced it more because I was replacing the screen at the same time.  Had I not broken the screen, I would have likely not replaced the battery.  Eventually Apple made things right by altering the OS so you could un-throttle it.  I think I suffered more harm from the screen and battery repair company than apple.  The replacement battery needed replaced within a year, and the screen would go blank at temp under 70°C.  I replaced both for a total of $60 myself the second time.  The first replacement cost $150.