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  • iPhone & AirPods will require USB-C for charging in the EU by late 2024

    To the people ragging on apple or the lightning connector, in the time that apple has used the lightning connector, Samsung has gone through at least 3 if not more connectors, micro usb, the weird two headed usb3, and usbc.  Talk about the waste of getting new cables and dock stations/chargers.  Also, all those ports and cable ends are easier damaged than the lightning.  Given the large size of the existing iPhone user base in Europe, it (the regulations) will initially result in a large amount of E-waste and cost the consumers more, in that they will replace their current lightning dock style charging stations.  While less efficient, I would still skip usbc charging stations and go straight to wireless.  
    Anytime you incorporate politicians/bureaucrats you're going to end up behind the times and stiffening some innovation, unless they are actually funding research.  Looks like they just slammed the door on QC tech and handed the win to PD.  QC is therefore relegated.  What if this kind of thinking was around in the early 80's.  Would they have picked Betamax or VHS? Or late 90's would they have picked DVD or DIVX, or more recently HDDVD, or Blu-ray? 

    I feel it is governmental overreach on the EU agency's part.  In push back against that, removing the port in favor of wireless charging only for the EU market, include €5.00-€10.00 coupon towards a MagSafe wireless charger, and a note about complying with regulations and moving towards the future with wireless and improved waterproofing, would be a pretty slick move. 
  • Facebook doesn't know what most of its user data is used for

    Novel idea, ban them from collecting data, till they are able to comply with regulations.  I bet they fix this really quickly 
  • Coinbase CEO accuses Apple of antitrust behavior, calls for crypto-compatible phones

    Next he is going to cry about parents not giving their kids allowances in Crypto, or schools not accepting crypto payment for school lunches.  Sorry, but crypto will always be shadier than using a credit card or debit card, or even cash. Not about to put one cent in crypto on principle.  Investing in crypto will increase cavalier of if.  Remind me what form or payment were the hackers who were encrypting hospitals, police departments and other computer systems demanding for the ransom? That would be crypto.  So, big fat no.  Also not going to invest in NFTs or Pokémon cards.  
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  • European politicians on the cusp of requiring USB-C in all smartphones

    darkvader said:
    I wish they'd hurry it up.  It's insane that Apple is still using proprietary ports in 2022, and if it takes legislation to force them to stop, then the world needs that legislation.
    Yes, keeping the same port since 2012, is totally nuts. (Sarcasm) how many different ports have android phones used over the same time period? Yes, having the lightning port and MFI program to protect customers from faulty cables or ones that introduce spyware into their phones is so evil.  Darn that dastardly Apple🙄
  • Netflix blames account sharing for first subscriber loss in a decade

    Sure it’s gotta be the account sharing. Couldn’t be the fact that they raised the price again. Couldn’t be that the streaming market is crowded now and competitors have quality content. Borrowing from Timberlake, Cry Me A River! They are practicing 1980’s mentality price increases.