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  • Epic vs. Apple takes new turn as 34 US states & DOJ side with 'Fortnite' maker

    Make these AGs wear sponsorship patches like nascar drivers.  It shows how out of touch they are with A what’s actually going on, and be what most people actually want.  Personally, I bought the iPhone because it is more secure.  I trust apple with my payment info.  I don’t want to give my credit card info to every or even a few companies who I use their apps.  Let’s be honest, Epic Games is pushing this BS because they want to profit more from kids poor impulse control, getting them to buy loot crates and garbage like that.  So many of my friends kids had gift card for Fortnite, then several months later, regretted spending so much in the game.  They want to spread the billing out over many sources so it’s harder for parents to track, and also easier to hack.  No thank you.   
  • U.S. Senate's App Store reform bill debate set for Thursday

    I agree, this bill is a smoke screen to try to create an issue to make it look like they are doing some good.  How about an infrastructure bill that doesn’t have 30tons of unrelated stuff attached, to try to sneak pork through in a bill that addresses something a majority agrees is needed.  
         Instead we get senators and representatives spewing biased slop, like you would hear from Epic Games council in opening arguments, or press conference.  We really do need to make congress wear sponsorship patches like nascar drivers.  I wonder how much if the bill was written or at least outlined by the coalition for app fairness. 
  • Netflix raising prices on all plans in the US and Canada

    Is it raising prices as new customer growth wanes, or potential customers deciding they didn’t want to even start a relationship with a company that hikes rates so fast?  Their moves to split current subscribers plans to sap state disc and download plans that would cost more, if they wanted both quickly followed by the increase in rates to cover the cost of streaming rights for Europe and other regions, was enough to turn me away.  Why on earth should US customers pay more so they can stream movies in Europe?  They should take out a loan, and let the European customers fees cover the cost of the rights.  Seems like they were putting a lot of the financial heavy lifting on the backs of the US customers, to artificially keep the prices low in Europe, to corner the European market as much as they can, then raise prices in Europe. Netflix, get a loan, don’t abuse your US customers. 
  • EU carriers want Apple's Private Relay blocked

    If the EU take this matter up, they are Muppets, with the hands of telecoms up their backside.  Since when has digital sovereignty been the ability to profit from the sale of user data? Quite frankly, any company doing that should be barred from the practice, and also barred from raising prices to compensate for the los of revenue.  
  • DJI among 8 Chinese groups heading onto U.S. investment blacklist

    Investment ban, but not banning import of their products seems a bit of a half measure or more of a symbolic gesture to me.