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  • Tile buyer Life360 reportedly sells precise user location data to nearly anyone

    Apple please make air tag able to make your phone ring, even when on silent, so you can find your phone from your keys, instead of logging into iCloud.  This is the only reason I still have my Tile.  Fix this and I replace it with an AirTag 
  • Tile buyer Life360 reportedly sells precise user location data to nearly anyone

    This is pretty creepy news.  It shouldn’t be legal to hide this kind of info deep in a user privacy agreement.  It should be required to be plainly stated in short bullet statements what data is collected and sold to third parties.  There should be a clear opt in to this collection and sale, before clicking accept.  This is up there with google and cell phone providers selling the info to third parties.  This should be the big newsworthy crusade that congress is working on, not making it harder for apple to compete against foreign companies who have too cozy a relationship with their home country’s government.  
  • Tesla selling $50 Cyberwhistle, Musk mocks $19 Apple polishing cloth

    I got curious and checked the Tesla site, the whistle page is already down because they sold out.  Quick glance at eBay and prices on the cyberwhistles both in hand and confirmed  preorders are going nuts.  I see buy now anywhere from $199-$299 and bids over $150😂
  • Meta to continue use of facial recognition technology

    So the sociopath parent tried to make its sociopath child look better by making misleading press releases? They still match to the best of the same pathological drum

  • Side-loading is a gold rush for cybercriminals, says Craig Federighi

    I would prefer to not force apple to allow sidelining.  It opens up a lot of security issues.  I had an android before switching to iPhone and there were all kinds of malware programs I had to dodge when searching outside the google app store for apps. Wouldn’t this also make it a lot easier for someone to side load malware onto your phone.  I’d be a lot less comfortable letting someone use my phone to make a call or send a quick text, hell even to take a quick family picture.  Can you imagine how much worse this would make things for Chinese dissidents? It would make it easier for bad actors.  As others have said, if you want a phone that allows side loading if apps, go to android.  There are more android phones than iPhones. There is no monopoly.  There are people who want to have their trucks jacked way up, and have giant tires on them.  That does t mean ford or GM should be made to sell them that way, or make it easy.  The higher you lift a truck the more likely it is to flip = less safe.  Allowing side loading is also less safe.  If you want side loading, jailbreak your iPhone.  Yes, that will void some of your iPhone warranty, same as exceeding certain specs with car mods will void warranties.