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  • Half the states in the US reportedly ready to launch Google antitrust investigation

    Mississippi's AG has had it out for Google for years.

    I'm not saying Google doesn't need reining in some, but AG Hood does seem like he has an axe to grind.


  • The truth about what's actually good and bad about Apple News+

    "Being able to always get the latest issue is a big point in favor of Apple News+ because if you're interested in even one title, you're getting it faster than through the mail. If you're regularly interested in more than one, the $9.99 US or $12.99 Canadian subscription cost is a bargain."

    Maybe it depends on the magazine, but I regularly get offers for print magazines for $10 for the entire year.  Even at renewal time they are usually $14.99 or less.  Digital subscriptions are even less.  It looks like you are comparing the $9.99 monthly Apple News rate with a one-year subscription to print.  Generally you would need to be interested in 10 or more magazines for the overall yearly amounts to favor Apple News.
  • Samsung delays launch of Galaxy Fold after review unit screen failures [u]

    They should probably just cancel it.  I don't see foldable display technology being ready for mainstream devices anywhere in the near future.  Bendable displays may work, but having a 180 degree fold with millimeter level radius is a recipe for disaster.  I don't care how well it performs in a laboratory setting, in the real world debris like sand particles that get between and under the display as well as flex in the device as users apply uneven pressure during the folding process is going to cause failures just like we've seen with the review units.

    If you really need a multi-panel device then it would seem having separate glass displays aligned with mechanical hinges would be the best solution.  You'll still have some type of cable to hook them together, but that can be run on the outside of the panels and avoid such a tight bend.
  • Microsoft suggests shift to iPhone as Windows 10 Mobile end of support date announced

    Windows Phone, when combined with Skype, OneNote, Excel, Word, and PowerPoint apps, was a powerful business tool.  It beat the pants off the iWork apps as well as the other office compatible apps that were available on iOS.  I did use MobiSystems office suite for a while, but found it didn't work as well as I wanted it to.  It was fine for emergency edits but things frequently turned out jumbled when I opened the documents once I was back on my computer.

    Once Microsoft started actively supporting iOS and Android the use case for a WP went down a lot.  I'm happy with iOS and Microsoft at the moment, but I do wish Apple would look at how well live tiles worked on WP and give us more control over what is displayed on our home screens.
  • Apple's largest supplier reported 24 percent surge in revenues from OLED display, componen...

    This actually fits nicely with the rumor Apple is restarting production of the X because it has a glut of OLED panels it was obligated to purchase from Samsung.  If that rumor is true and Samsung had a guaranteed minimum number of panels Apple agreed to acquire then any slowdown in OLED iPhone sales wouldn't affect its revenue in an unanticipated  major negative way.  You wouldn't see the effects on Samsung's revenue until the after the contract was up for renewal as Apple couldn't cut it's order mid-cycle like it can with smaller suppliers.