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  • Docker reveals why its virtual machine isn't yet on Apple Silicon M1

    Eric_WVGG said:
    Even worse — Homebrew's package support is very, very spotty. This makes M1 Macs a deal-breaker for any serious web or backend developer until at least next summer.
    As long as docker works I’ll manage to live without brew till the summer - I’m keeping my Intel Mac until docker is fully supported 

    that being said m1 MacBook Pro out for delivery here in the Netherlands. Edit: I’ve been subscribed to the GitHub thread for homebrew and there’s tons of progress daily. You can expect all major stuff a pro web dev would use to be available very soon
  • Microsoft introduces Apple Silicon support in beta build of Excel for Mac

    I'm waiting to find out if there will be any way to run x64 software virtualized. I run a lot of server tools within Docker containers, and losing this would likely force me (and a lot of other developers) on to commodity hardware running Linux...
    Virtualisation is a need for professionals. Hopefully they won't be discontinuing Intel based pro models until everything that I can do an Intel CPU can be done on Apple Silicon
  • Tile launches Premium Protect with $1000 lost item reimbursement promise

    It's almost as if they're expecting a competitor to enter the market 🤡
  • OpenCore Computer attempts sale of Hackintosh systems

    According to the Geekbench Benchmarks, the current highest performing 2019 16 inch MBP is 33% faster than its 15 inch counterpart.
    Apple's US base price for fastest 2019 16" MBP is $3099, which is less than $40 a week when paid within the 18 month interest-free promo scheme.

    A consistently 33% faster machine means doing what used to take 40 hours a week in 27 hours, saving 13 working hours a week, or being able to do an extra 13 hours of work a week in the same 40 hours.  At a minimum wage of $10 an hour, that's $133 a week, $10,374 over 18 months.  Hopefully as a skilled pro, your rate is worth more than minimum wage.

    So as a pro who likes to get their money's worth, can you, as you exercise your good conscience waiting for a 4800u MBP, afford not to upgrade and lose $100 a week, $7800 in 18 months of potential revenue?

    You raise a good point. My first MBP right after college generated €20k, the next one did €70k. The next one will probably do double that. Whilst the 16 inch is a great machine and will be adequate for 99% of my work for 2021 it's a big laptop. I'm getting a €3500 13" mbp with: dated bezels, webcam, the subpar 1068ng7 because I have to.

    I should've written my original post differently where what I'd like to bring across is: I'd be happier spending more for a better device (as ridiculous as the price tag in Europe is already) because this is a tool that I depend on. Whilst I'm still buying an Intel MBP, I write these with the hope that we see AMD CPUs sooner because I'd much rather buy that.
  • OpenCore Computer attempts sale of Hackintosh systems

    These clowns are selling an x570/b450 motherboard in a mediocre case for a base price of $2000.
    I would much rather give you that $2000 for a MacPro-like case. And then just let me choose an AMD cpu, that's all I'm asking.

    $5000 for the MacPro with these inferior Xeons and 580s is sad and is pushing us away.

    For that much throw in a 3900X and a 5700XT. Charge another 1000 for the 3950X, 3000 for the 3970X as far as I care. Please do this for the pros that don't want to go through the hassle of a hackintosh and want AppleCare, want all security updates and want the engineering that goes into your cases. 1.5TB of RAM? Give an Epyc option.

    Do this for the next 5 years until ARM can compete.