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  • Huawei Mate X delayed again, shipping before the end of 2019

    avon b7 said:
    Another solution in search of a problem brought to you by the brain trust at Huawei. Laughable.
    Really? Today I had to take some specs from a web page, make some calculations based on the web page variables and plunk them into a WhatsApp conversation. Even with Split screen that's a lot of fiddling backwards and forwards.

    Try photo editing on your regular screen and then on a screen twice as large. Which would you prefer?

    Frame portrait photos and let the subject see their pose in real time.

    Follow a video feed and a live chat feed at the same time.

    Navigate with your maps app or street find without endless scrolling and redrawing of the screen.

    The advantages are there. Of course, being able to fold that screen down when you don't need it literally gives you the best of both worlds.

    Why do you think Apple has patents for a device to resolve exactly the same 'problems'?

    Folding phones are solutions to problems that already exist. My first example is this post would be elegantly solved by allowing all three apps to display on the screen - at the same time.

    All those problems will disappear by using an 8” phone, instead of a 6.5” phone? That’s what is holding back proper multitasking on a phone, in your mind... 1.5” difference diagonally?
    I disagree.
    All I hear about the 7.9” iPad Mini is that it’s a bit too small for deft multitasking. Personally, I find the 12.9” iPad Pro fairly eloquent for split screen... never once have I thought: “just shave 5 whole inches off this puppy & it’ll be a perfect multitasking machine to carry around”.
    I think you’re putting too much on this minor screen bump. 
  • Hands on with Apple's FaceTime Attention Correction feature in iOS 13

    That setting is on my XR as well as my 12.9” iPad Pro... not sure why “only XS & XS Max” is being reported...
  • App Store continues to vastly outpace Google Play in consumer spending

    MacPro said:
    lkrupp said:
    This alone keeps developers in the iOS business.
    I am sure the resident Google spokesperson will be all over this any moment.
    Alternative headlines:

    "Android users saves tens of millions of dollars on apps compared to iPhone users"

    "The most popular app developers, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, earn hundreds of millions of dollars on Android without charging customers a dime"
    Lol, are you high??

    please explain.

    Android users save tens of millions of dollars by using 3 companies that provide free apps/services for BOTH operating systems, and 1 that charges the same for its office suite on both platforms? 
    You made a bold statement. Then tried to co-sign your own statement w/ the weakest nonsense I’ve ever read!

    If you seriously think that developers make the exact same apps- free on Android, & for a fee on iOS.... you’re tripping!

    Those tens of billions are spent on apps that users find value in. I bet the developers are grateful that Apple didn’t foster an environment where the end user thought is: “I’m letting them track me and advertise to me... literally everything should be free! I’ll never pay for a single app as long as I live”.

  • Eight-core 2019 15-inch MacBook Pro crushes mid-2018 model in benchmarks

    wood1208 said:
    Such killing performance is all good for professionals, video editors,corporate development users but for college and high school students what is needed is lower priced GOTO Macbook Pros.
    Most college kids aren’t professionals yet & don’t need to buy a Pro.
  • Editorial: The new Services - How will Apple Arcade's exclusivity, privacy affect Android ...

    gatorguy said:
    gatorguy said:
    gatorguy said:
    A better question: How will Google Stadia, its streaming video game service, affect Apple Arcade? When you compare the quality of games, Stadia will be the hands down winner. The only question is whether Google can crack the video quality and latency issues.
    No doubt impressive technology. But Stadia was designed by engineers thinking about themselves. How well does it work mobile? Does it load offline games? How do those play on $250 androids, you know the statistical middle ASP majority? 

    If it works well on premium phones, it will be yet another reason to buy a high end iPhone. If it doesn’t, it will be limited to the, say the nicer minority of  installed base of Chromebooks and $1000 Galaxy S. That’s not a platform worth targeting with anything but ads. 
    Dan, I don't think Stadia will need premium hardware to run on. A lowly $250 handset will manage. Read up on it a bit before making assumptions. 
    These mythical people that are willing to pay a monthly fee to play games, because they feel a high-quality gaming experience on mobile is worth a significant ongoing expense, but weren’t willing to spend more than $250 on their mobile device because (conversely) they do NOT think it’s worth a few extra bucks to have decent hardware.... must all be on equally mythical unlimited plans that never slow down, since this gaming service eats 3-6gb/hr.

    Find a bunch of these “unicorn” users & let Google know about them!!!

    I'm sure they’ll be excited, since the vast majority of their users currently won’t pay $.99 for a game... no matter what. 
    Desktops, laptops, Chromebooks, smart tv's, Chromecasts, eventually anything running the Chrome browser, and yes smartphones too likely including your iPhone via an app. It's definitely not intended for smartphones only. 
    Lol, & Apple wanted people to play mobile games on their TVs as well... dunno if you’re aware, but it was NOT a success.
    Turns out- people prefer to play mobile games on mobile devices.

    I don’t think this little Google Labs experiment will be nearly as popular as you think it will.
    How popular do I think it will be?
    More popular than Google Wave. ;0)