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  • Apple supply chain wary of reduced iPhone orders for Q4

    M68000 said:
    Wow,  people can’t have an opinion here that contradicts or questions things?  I guess I will now get bashed but I have to agree with some of what Jesusfreak said in their comments.   Would be great to get a new Mac mini or Mac Air,  instead of focus on new phones every year.  Having new phones come out every year seems a bit much.  I have a 1 year old iPhone 8 that was just called a “legacy” product recently in one of the articles on this website.  LOL,  obsolete after just 1 year, it’s insane. 
    Wtf are you on about??

    Lol, Apple is wildly famous for their 5 years of support for OS upgrades on their hardware (mobile... sometimes longer on computers).

    Yup... obsolete after 1 year would DEFINITELY be insane. Good thing you pulled that out of your ass, & it has zero to do w/ reality. =)
  • One month later: iPhone XS versus the iPhone XS Max

    The real question is "why no product red?" If there was a RED Xs Max, at least for me, it would be game over. I'd  be all over it. 
    Just wait for it. Most iPhones with the exception of the XR never initially came out with a product red color. They usually come out much later.
    I wouldn’t expect it on iPhone XS.
    It’s a 6 month “trick” to swing up sales as they start to dwindle. Notice it happened on the 8/8+, but NOT on their bestselling iPhone X last year. I fully expect XS/XS Max sales to not need this boost in 2019.
  • Users spending hours on their smartphone, but they're using them like a PC, not a phone

    No way I would use a phone for much browsing. I would prefer a bigger screen and an actual keyboard, i.e. a Mac.
    iPad for me please! 
    I think I fit in that 5 hour range, but probably spread between the two... like 1.5 hours on iPhone + 3.5 hours on iPad.
  • How to switch on iOS 12's Safari favicons for easier tab navigation

    So Apple will let me turn on a feature that is non-existent in my iPhone 7? Hmmm
    Working perfectly on my iPhone 6S.... not sure what the article is talking about.
  • Apple denies claim China slipped spy chips into its iCloud server hardware [u]

    gatorguy said:
    The Bloomberg story seems politically motivated...

    There isn’t enough information do determine fault in the separate firmware incident.  It also doesn’t say if Apple resumed using SuperMicro as a supplier...

    Bottom line is Apple found a problem and addressed it before it could cause damage.  We don’t know the results of their investigation into whom was responsible.  Was the firmware modified by a third party?  Was it a beta firmware? Was the hardware intercepted and modified after leaving the manufacturer, but before getting to Apple and an exploit introduced?

    No enough information... but Bloomberg needs to get their facts straight before publishing rumors.
    Bloomberg says they DO have their facts straight.
    "The companies’ denials are countered by six current and former senior national security officials, who—in conversations that began during the Obama administration and continued under the Trump administration—detailed the discovery of the chips and the government’s investigation. One of those officials and two people inside AWS provided extensive information on how the attack played out at Elemental and Amazon; the official and one of the insiders also described Amazon’s cooperation with the government investigation. In addition to the three Apple insiders, four of the six U.S. officials confirmed that Apple was a victim. In all, 17 people confirmed the manipulation of Supermicro’s hardware and other elements of the attacks. The sources were granted anonymity because of the sensitive, and in some cases classified, nature of the information."

    He said, she said...

    I think that “confirmation” referred to the case that Apple explicitly explained in their press release... the time they got the one server that had a Trojan, that was judged not to be a targeted attack.