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  • Apple's Siri director to speak at AI Frontiers conference in November

    Maybe he can avoid talking about Syria. Or, more seriously, why Siri is still such an underdeveloped piece of poorly implemented software five years after its introduction. 

    Buy Watson already, and restart from scratch, Apple. And Siri-ously, shut down this silly little toy project. 

    Apple is as likely to “just sell” their iPhone line, as IBM is Watson. Lol.
    I would absolutely LOVE to see an agreement where Watson is integrated into Siri.

    However the “just buy” Tesla, Google, Netflix, and apparently now IBM crowd’s tedious & monotonous idiotic war cry is sad, old, & belies even the vaguest understanding of technology, business, or just basically society in general.
  • Here's why adding Face ID to the 'iPhone SE 2' could be a good idea

    I think the chances of it coming out at WWDC are much greater than it coming in the fall, alongside the new iPhones...
    Think about it: they didn’t release iPhone X alongside 8 & 8 Plus, because it would cannibalized sales of the top-end and muddied choices drastically. They will almost certainly follow the sales model of the 1st gen SE, & offer it months away from the upper-tier iPhones.
    If they do come out with a version w/ wireless charging & FaceID,and price it at $450... it will mop the floor, sales-wise, w/ anything else out; right up until the high-end iPhone releases. I think that’s doable too; especially if the rumors are true of the lower-priced 6.1” lcd iPhone starting at $550. 
  • Apple's Mac mini now inexcusably getting trounced by cheap Intel hardware

    I think that the next gen Mac mini will be Apple’s 1st foray into a custom chip solely powering an actual computer...

    It makes sense that if there are growing pains, or that their 1st attempt doesn’t quite have the power of the latest gen i7, that they don’t put it in MacBook or iMac for another few generations.... However, Mac mini is the perfect platform to deliver such a new technology.

    If that’s true- it may also help explain the delay. That’s an enormous undertaking!
  • Apple servers briefly enabled signing of older iOS firmwares, allowing users to downgrade ...

    macxpress said:
    wood1208 said:
    There should be older version of IOS available to downgrade to and newer version if someone wants to upgrade to new features version.
    So you can downgrade your phone and re-unlock exploits in the OS. Yeah, thats a great idea! There are reasons why Apple does things the way they do and its not to lock you into a specific OS. The reason I just mentioned alone should be more than enough. Also, if you have an App that requires iOS 11 and you downgrade to iOS 10 well guess what, it no longer works! 

    Your argument is NOT really practical. There are plenty of people (we are talking about few hundred millions of people here) with more than 2 years old iPhones/iPads and they DO face significant performance issues EVERY year after upgrading to the LATEST and supposedly GREATEST version of iOS. Your solution to them is - Learn to live with it because it is secure OR replace it with a newer device (which is what you are more likely doing hence you probably never faced the slow-down issue). And you assume this is good enough for each and everyone owning an old iPhone/iPad. Apparently it is NOT enough of a solution for the people who are struggling with older devices. People who are reasonable about this issue asks for a different solution - Allow the people to downgrade to previous version of iOS which did NOT exhibit significant performance issues AND provide security updates alone to even older versions of iOS for 4 years.

    You may argue it costs additional money for Apple to support older versions of iOS. But that is another short sighted view, purely from a shareholder point of view, with total disregard for end-users. If you are an Apple customer, you should demand the best for you as a customer. In this case, good performance for life time of the device (i.e. 4 years) AND security updates for 4 years. Maximizing Apple's profit SHOULD NOT be your objective as a customer.

    Your BS garbage narrative has been quantifiably debunked...

    But hey- don’t let annoying little things like THE FACTS get in the way of a rant/diatribe!
  • Apple Music chief Jimmy Iovine expected to leave company in August

    bshank said:
    OK can he take Eddy Cue with him?
    Agreed. I have always thought that the Beats crew were some of the weirdest, pointless hires at Apple.

    But what do I know. 
    Buying Beats was Apple anchoring their brand in a whole additional market
    What market is that exactly? Apple bought Beats at its plateau. I remember going into Best Buy years ago and seeing hardly any headphones that weren’t Beats. Not anymore. Now Best Buy is showcasing JBL, Sony, AKG, AudioTechnica, B&O, Sennheiser, Beyerdynamic, etc. Maybe celebrities & althletes are still big Beats users. But when I’m at the gym I see more people wearing AirPods than Beats.
    Not at my gym, Beats are more common by far. And remember, they were the #1 selling accessory at Apple stores. Apple made its money back the first year. 

    No matter how much you dislike rap music, Beats was a smash success and a slam dunk for Apple. Sorry it hurts. 
    You destroy your point when you make up numbers! =/
    We don’t know exactly how much Beats has made Apple so far because it’s lumped into their “other” category... but when Apple bought them in 2014 they were making about $300 million in revenue; unless you really think they went on to increase that by a tenfold the next year- Apple obviously didn’t make their money back the next year. Tbh, it is incredibly likely that they haven’t yet.
    It’s absolutely ridiculous to think that they could recoup a $3 billion investment in a single year... were that possible, Beats would been valued MUCH higher. That’s pretty much how the market works... the value was ascertained based on both their current AND estimated immediate future sales.