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  • Gravesite robbers responsible for $62K in thefts busted by AirTag

    "Look, just because we're bereaved, that doesn't make us SAPS!"
  • Bug in macOS Ventura is breaking some networks

    We've been having this issue. We run a server on an M1 Mac mini and connect with Macs via SMB. Since updating to Ventura, file sharing will randomly stop working and require the restart/toggle steps mentioned in the article to get it working again. The 13.2 update did not help, in fact it seemed to make it worse. Reverting to Monterey fixed the problem. 
  • Dynamic Island expected to replace notch on all iPhone 15 models

    After using my new 14 Pro for a couple days, I'm not really a fan of the Dynamic Island. The animations are nifty, but having the camera hole floating out in the screen area makes it SO MUCH more distracting and noticeable than the notch was. The notch was far more discreet being along the edge of the screen, but having a bit of screen above the Dynamic Island pushes it away from the edge and makes it stand out way more. It's not a huge deal, neither the notch or the DI really bother me (and I appreciate the extra screen space it affords), but the DI seems like step backwards to me.
  • LG UltraWide 40WP95C-W Thunderbolt Display review: A curved display with plenty of space

    I just got this monitor to last week to go with my new Mac Studio. I'm upgrading from a 27" iMac and couldn't stomach paying $1,600 to buy what is essentially the same monitor that was in the iMac, even if it is very high quality. I was also interested in something that would give me a multiple-monitor-sized workspace in a single display. There aren't many options for a large, relatively-high PPI ultrawide display, this and the very similar Dell were the two most interesting choices.

    For the most part, I'm very happy with the LG. The stand is great and very easy to reposition. Picture quality is very good, but not at the same level as the iMac/Studio Display - contrast/blacks aren't as good and brightness is somewhat lacking but acceptable. Colors are great and uniformity is very good. The native 5120x2160 resolution is too small for my taste, so I'm running it scaled to 3840x1620, which is perfect for me. This gives me more vertical space than the iMac and of course plenty of horizontal space. I don't see any artifacts or other issues from the scaling, which some reviewers had complained about. I installed the Magnet app to help wrangle my windows across the large workspace. 

    I'm quite happy with this monitor for now, but could see wanting something brighter and with even more space and pixel density in the future. I think a 49" 8K (equivalent to side-by-side 4K displays) could be perfect... once it exists!
  • Secret Google document outlines plans to bring games to any device, including Mac

    This sounds a lot like Stadia. Also, "outline an ambition rather than a concrete plan" sounds just like Stadia, or really any Google product. LOL