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  • Epic Games vs Apple -- the whole story

    nytesky said:
    The reason Epic can make so much money, is that Apple, Google, Microsoft and Sony have put a lot of R&D and marketing into iOS, Android, Xbox and Playstation. If Epic wants to sell direct to the consumer, they should make their own hardware. They want to leech off Apple and Google, but are willing to pay 30% to Microsoft and Sony (for now). 

    The shoplifting analogy that Apple uses isn't very good. It is more like Epic setting up shop and selling things inside an Apple Store without paying any rent; Epic cries in the store that they made the products they are selling not Apple, so Apple should let them stay there for free. 
    That’s exactly right. If you have a concession in a department store, you have to pay some form of rental decided by the store/owner. It’s your choice to place your concession there or not.

    Also I didn’t buy my iPhone to play fortnite as I’m sure many other people didn’t either so again people have a choice which platform they use if they really wanted to play fortnite so if there are other cheaper options out there, why doesn’t epic push their users towards that platform which apparently doesn’t charge a 30% fee.

    At the end of the day, epic are also allowed to price accordingly so if they were really about the consumer then why not lower your own in app purchase prices. There are loads of developers out there selling content for up to £($)99 but it’s up to the end user to decide whether to pay these extortionate prices for “just a bit of extra programming”. Why don’t we all start complaining about those prices? Because it’s a free choice
  • Apple Vision Pro may help users navigate with directional audio cues

    Not sure how this would work out patent wise as there are already several companies that have similar 3D spatial audio effects, one of them being Audeze who have a gaming headphone that pinpoints the sound in game to an actual spot whether it’s behind or to the side etc.

    secondly, it’ll be really annoying for me if the sound keeps fading left to right or back to front giving the impression there something wrong with the speakers or the playback. I don’t have any issues with my music volume lowering slightly while I’m given a couple of seconds of direction. But never say never.  Will be interesting to see what they come up with
  • Epic Games to hold 'FreeFortnite Cup' as part of anti-Apple campaign

    There already is a game to take that space. Not sure which came first but I played fortnite a couple of times but couldn’t get the hang of it. It was very laggy on the iPhone and then I played PUBG. Amazing game that never lagged and gameplay was much better as it was more realistic for me using real weapons rather than made up ones. Given you don’t play against console players but there are enough people on mobile to make it interesting 
  • Review: Brilliant home automation system with HomeKit lives up to its name

    Would have considered this company initially as the features look good. However, when looking at their Instagram page and leaving a comment asking when it would be available in the U.K, my message was deleted for some strange reason. I left another message asking the same question and also asking why my query was deleted. That message was deleted too. Good luck with sales if you take offence at a simple query!
  • iPhone X impresses Windows executive, Android fans but bitter bloggers still hating

    @cato1040  just a few points n your points(if you bother logging back in). I’ve had my X for just over a week and the only ‘issue’ I’ve had is when typing I occasionally hit the keyboard change button because of the edge display. Face id works brilliantly and more importantly, naturally. So much so I find using the Touch ID button on my iPad a bit of a chore! 

    If if you compare this to a galaxy s8 for example, it has a band on the top and bottom whereas the X goes all the way to the edge so which phone has more screen real estate?

    why would you need a back button? You can switch between apps quite easily and there’s a previous used app at the top left corner if you get, for example, a message coming in while using another app.

    no issues with multitasking as you can access that in a similar way to how you could with a physical button.

    headphone jacks were one of my complaints when the 7 came out but I’ve just gone onto a stand alone player which is small enough to pocket and is actually better than any phone based player can be.

    which Samsung phone has a button on the bottom? How does this add to the experience of having face id? Certainly not the galaxy s8

    no phone or manufacturer is perfect but I held off two generations of new iPhones because my 6 plus was doing the job and I didn’t feel there was a big enough change to warrant trading up. The X does this and it may not have the ‘latest’ tech that Samsung appears to introduce every year but you also have to look at how long Samsung’s implementation of its new tech lasts. It’s not always beneficial to be first to the first out of the block