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  • iPhone X sightings on the rise in San Francisco

    Don’t see what the problem with the notch is. As mentioned, Samsung has a thicker bar across the top and bottom which I think is worse as it detracts from the appearance of being truly edge to edge. If anything they should have made the camera lens cover on the silver version silver as well instead of black
  • Editorial: Who will buy iPhone 8?

    I’m still on my 6 plus and used to upgrade almost every cycle but loss of the headphone jack and similar designs coupled with the fact that my phone was still functioning well meant I didn’t upgrade for the last few years. Now I’m finding my phone is slowing down a bit and not handling newer apps so well and having found another solution for listening to music will be going for an upgrade. I will be going for the X mainly because you have a similarly specced phone but with a different form factor. Despite what many are saying, design is important especially if you are given a choice. Honestly, if the X hadn’t come out at the same time I would be perfectly happy buying an 8 plus but psychologically and technically it isnt the flagship anymore regardless of price.

    at this early stage, the (unscientific) timing in the Apple store appears to be showing that less people are buying the 8. The longest delay in shipping I noticed was 1-2 weeks on the first day whereas previous phones would have quickly jumped to at least a month. Checking today and that delivery time has gone back to 1-2 days shipping. Maybe it’s people waiting to see what the X does but it looks like a lot of people are willing to shell out over 1k for it
  • Apple nixes plans to incorporate under-glass Touch ID in 'iPhone 8,' insider says

    Don't see facial recognition working on its own at the moment. Quite a few banking apps use Touch ID to login. Not saying they can't change the app but without having prior knowledge of what Apple will be making it will mean these apps will effectively be disabled(is already forgotten my physical password!)until any form of facial recognition is integrated back into said apps. Also from a normal payment point of view, you need to touch the ID button at the same time. It might not be so easy to get your face at the right angle to the screen to unlock/authorise payment