If only, this site was more with interactive inducing interface. This site is run by enthusiasts though, never let it become corporate centric like MacRumors. Until then, that's what keeps AppleInsider loving unlike PhoneArena. I would like to someday offer my enthusiastic service here as well.


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  • Apple and the future of photography in Depth: part 2, iPhone X

    The telephoto lens needs to be given equal importance and emphasis as the wide-angle lens. Starting with f/1.8 Aperture.

    It's also prime time that other areas are met like the 6-element lens which are made of plastics. During the iPhone 4s-5 period Apple planned of succeeding to glass citing Nokia's examples but it wasn't considered cost effective at time being ($1). Now, LG out-of-the 6 has replaced one with Glass as a start but Apple is already familiar with replacing all of them with Glass from Plastics which doesn't absorb natural colours and light.

    Apple had even planned out successors with Crystals like Sapphire and eventually Diamond but taking the first with Glass is like moving from transmissive to emmisive displays, Quantum-Dots & microLED are just evolution to OLED. If the plastics are replaced than truer colours can be retained instead of artificially saturating them but also purer light can be achieved eliminating noise even at 50mp. Software based artificial saturation can be replaced with natural colour and also more light.

    Sadly, it seems Apple forgot this crucial exploration after Steve Jobs expired.
  • Microsoft teases major Office for Mac updates, public version coming soon

    If only Apple was serious with their own iWork suite like Microsoft than Office wouldn't be required at first place.
  • Apple's iPhone X to boast 2,716mAh battery, 3GB of RAM, Chinese regulatory filing shows

    What to expect, from an Apple based Fansite.
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  • Netflix app updated for 1080p HDR on iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, forthcoming iPhone X

    Shouldn't the iPhone X and atleast the latest iPads support Quad-HD (2K) resolutions?

    Wonder, if Dolby Atmos support would ever come or one will have to wait for iPhone 9?
    curtis hannah
  • Inside iPhone 8: Apple's A11 Bionic introduces 5 new custom silicon engines

    wizard69 said:

    tmay said:
    It will be interesting to the what ChipWorks comes up with when they dismantle the A11, although mostly I'm interested in the size of the die itself.
    I'm interested in just about everything.   I'd like to know how they lowered power while increasing performance in the GPU for one.   The GPU alone would benefit form a serious reveal on Apples part.    Then there is the rest of the chip, fascinating stuff.

    As for people rising the iPhone 8 as a modest upgrade, I see A11 completely blowing that position out of the water, this is a huge update.
    From TSMC's higher Fabrication Processes.