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  • Apple buys streaming analytics firm Asaii to bolster Apple Music recommendations, report s...

    I may be an outlier, but whatever I’m in the mood to listen to has little to do with genre and more to do with objective qualities - like tempo, instrumentation, dynamics, etc. Apple Music, even still, recommends music with genre as the overall guiding criteria. Just because I like to listen to a Gregory Porter ballad doesn’t mean I want to listen Michael Bublé sing “Sway” next.  I think it would be awesome if there was a big project out there to attach metadata to every song in a streaming company’s catalog by its objective criteria. And then I could search for a song that meets a certain set of criteria. Like a song in 3/4 time at less than 70bpm in the key of E with bass, saxophone, drums and guitar.  What? Most people don’t listen to music like that? Dangit...
  • The new Mac Pro might get Intel's new 28-core 5 GHz Xeon processor

    All this performance also means it generates a lot of heat, with Intel stating it has a Thermal Design Point (TDP)[...]

    Intel also introduced three processors under the 9th-generation masthead[...] It is unlikely that Apple will be interested in these three processors, due to the trio all having a TDP of 95W, making it too hot for the iMac range[...]

    Per Intel ARK, the i7-7700K in the current iMac has a Thermal Design Power (arguably the more common usage of TDP) of 91W. This is not that far off from the 95W chips. On that basis, I think they actually may be prime candidates for the next generation of iMac. They could easily make up those 4 extra watts with a more thermally efficient GPU. 
  • Logic Pro X 10.4 update brings over 2000 new features and bug fixes to Apple's audio compo...

    Point of clarity - Space Designer is not a new plug-in, it instead received a new interface. From what I have seen, it hasn’t gained any new capabilities, nor are there any new impulse responses. 
  • Apple's next NeXT: how buying Beats launched a sneak attack on the future of sound

    There are far more challenging research areas in electrical engineering than audio.
    Boy is that a slippery assumption... working in the pro audio industry, I could point you to over a dozen experts who would take deep exception to this generalization. Differences in engineering problems are much more of type than degree. It's like saying rugby is a far easier sport to play than American football.