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  • Reminder: using Chrome on a Mac defeats Apple's privacy features

    DAalseth said:
    I don’t care what the product
    I don’t care what they say
    If you use Google anything you are being spied on. 
    Chrome, Android, Maps, Docs, doesn’t matter
    They have been caught lying about it too many times. 
    You’re so right about that.  I feel guilty having YouTubeTV, while it’s the best streaming platform, it’s likely the worst for privacy in the Google lineup.  

    Wish Apple would turn AppleTV+ into something similar; I’d switch that first day.  
  • iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro pre-order results beat iPhone 11 launch, Kuo says

    iPhone 12 will beat the 11 because this marks my 3rd year with my iPhone X 256GB.  I'll be grabbing the iPhone Pro Max 256GB because I've always felt the X was too small and can't wait to have a truly big screen and the updated camera since I take a ton of pics and record video.  

    Never thought I'd spend this much for a cell phone, but in truth these are pocket laptops and at times I've used my cell phones as such when bluetooth connected to my Apple Keyboard when traveling.    

    5G is not important, as I mostly use WiFi at home or in the office which are both very fast, but 5G in stadiums when allowed back in would be nice, etc.  

    I often think that the analysts don't really get the average customer.  Big screens are just cool, there is a serious status component to high end iPhones, and they easily have both business and personal components in their overall value.  
  • 'iPhone 8' & 'iPhone 7s' mockups with glass backs appear as speculation about product name...

    I know the rest of the product lines seem to indicate that "iPhone Pro" is inevitable, but remember people thought the iPhone Plus was going to be called the iPhone Pro. Apple purposely avoided using that term then, and they may indeed do it again.
    iPhone Pro I'm almost positive will not be the name.  The new high end iPhone is set to be iPhone X Edition, as a nod to OS X and the number 10.  

    My fear is all these rumors of pricing.  Apple should tread carefully with pricing an iPhone at Mac level prices.  This could end the 2 year upgrade cycle unless the company itself offers some sort of subsidy.